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Scott Blaser

Artist Scott Blaser has long lived in London, but the Utah native is back for a show at Patrick Moore Gallery, and what he brings is a sense of something he never left. To the unprepared viewer, Blaser’s lines and squiggles might look like just that—lines and squiggles—but they are steeped in a philosophy that began before he left a thriving law practice in the United States to study art, eventually earning his master’s in 2010. This experience would expand his mind and prepare the way for art that is challenging and enticing. The large “Idaho” (acrylic/marble dust) canvas is a tight rendering of horizontal lines. According to the artist’s statement, “Through the vitality of the vertical initially juxtaposed against and then ultimately subsumed into the repose of the horizontal, a vibration of humanity’s sojourn on Earth emerges and arcs into the arising and passing away of life.” This Idaho is both literally and metaphorically a repose for the busy Londoner, represented by the horizontal present in the landscape, the “something” that was always present and which he now brings back. What we find in “Time” (acrylic/marble dust, pictured) is east meeting west, with verticality traversing the horizontality in the passages of life. The result can be seen in many of Blaser’s depictions, perhaps most telling in this exhibition in “Moab” (etching/aquatint), a winding pattern of carefully placed and stylized clusters of dots, alluding to a “passing away of life.” (Ehren Clark)

Date: Nov 28, 2012
Time: All Day
Phone: 801-484-6641
Address: 2233 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City, 84116
Where: Patrick Moore Gallery