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Mindy Gledhill Christmas Show

Faith-based music is nothing new to Utah resident and indie-rock/folk artist Mindy Gledhill, performing a Christmas music set tonight. While growing up in California, her musical oeuvre was shaped by Sunday-school hymns and her sister practicing on the family piano. Her 2004 debut, Sum of All Grace, was also faith-based, but this young heroine’s artistry couldn’t be contained by that genre alone. She lent her pipes to Kaskade’s chart-topping “Eyes” in 2011, and her gifted voice—singing inspired lyrics tinged with romanticism, nostalgia and poetry—sails on Anchor. But back to Baby Jesus: Gledhill croons the classics on her Christmas album, Winter Moon, which goes back to her roots, yet shows off her maturation and experience. Mideau opens the show.

Date: Nov 30, 2012
Time: 9 pm
Phone: 801-818-2263
Address: 135 North University Avenue, Provo, 84601
Where: Velour