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The Herb & Dorothy Show

Herb and Dorothy Vogel were giants in the art world, but they weren’t artists and didn’t own a gallery. Neither were they stereotypical wealthy socialite art collectors. The were civil servants—Herb was a postal worker, Dorothy a librarian—who found a way, combining their modest incomes, to amass one of the most impressive private collections of post-1960s art, which they donated to the National Gallery in Washington in 2007. Their story was also told in a 2008 documentary film. Nox Contemporary is mounting its own Herb & Dorothy Show, with smaller works by local artists, to take the message of the Vogels’ collection—that anyone can purchase and own art—and spread it to our community. The Vogels’ approach was to start with smaller, less expensive pieces like drawings, prints and works on paper, only buying works with which they felt a strong emotional connection. Never concerned with the collectible value of pieces, they sometimes purchased work from artists on the street. While this exhibition serves as a group showing of work by some of the most fascinating local artists of recent years—including Court Bennett (“Emergence” is pictured), Tom Aaron, Cris Baczek, Reclaimed Sentiment, gallery owner John Sproul and others—it’s also timed perfectly to coincide with the holiday gift-giving season. The first group show at Nox in two years, it also serves to commemorate one of the most interesting local art spaces with a retrospective of sorts, including the work of many artists who have shown here before. (Brian Staker)

Date: Nov 20, 2012
Time: Times Vary