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Soul Circles

Soul Centers' founders began facilitating a simple, enlightening, and transformational experience known as Soul Circle™ in 2008. For over three years, they have held Soul Circle™ in their home in Park City, Utah, in other people's homes and businesses, and on resort properties throughout Utah. Like wild flowers in the Wasatch Mountains, it has spread steadily and organically. It is at the heart of Soul Centers' philosophy. At its core, Soul Circle™ takes place in a group setting, where a facilitator creates a safe place for participants to share perspectives, insights, and experiences on a topic. It's an opportunity to be heard and to actively engage collectively by listening to others. Topics include trust, honor, integrity, and compassion. When we feel safe, are held without judgment, and see each other with loving kindness; we naturally allow ourselves to open up and experience our true relationship with each other. As we navigate through life, a Soul Circle™ experience can be a reminder that we are all connected and have more in common than we sometimes think. Attending a regularly scheduled Soul Circle is free of charge.

Date: Nov 29, 2012
Time: 6:30 pm