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Wasatch Theatre Company: Page-to-Stage Festival

It can be challenging enough for dedicated theater professionals to find a way to get an established work in front of an audience. So when it comes to brand-new, untested works, it can be a remarkable act of faith both for the creative teams and for the viewers who come to see the resulting productions.

Wasatch Theatre Company’s annual Page-to-Stage program provides a unique opportunity to support a broad spectrum of new works by local playwrights, presented to an audience for the first time. Six short plays will be premiered over the course of four days, with the contributors encouraged to base their works thematically around Wasatch’s 15th-anniversary season. Matthew Ivan Bennett, Carleton Bluford, Beth Bruner, Jim Martin, Greg Near and George Plautz are the contributors whose plays may offer comedy, tragedy or some funky melding of the two. That’s the risk—and the reward—of being part of something brand new. (Scott Renshaw)

Date: Nov 4, 2012
Time: Times Vary
Phone: 801-355-2787
Address: 138 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Rose Wagner Center