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Zombie Apocalypse

While most haunted houses run the gamut of having every creepy/thrilling/terrifying scenario jammed together, XSI Factory at Thanksgiving Point takes a different route. By settling on a single theme of the zombie apocalypse, XSI Factory has turned its (surprisingly large) basketball courts into a pretty great attraction. There are still riffs on popular horror movies and themes, but zombies are the prominent feature in each of the vignettes throughout. There’s a dedicated staff, with people lurking around every possible corner and lots of trick picture frames and fake walls that make for perfect—and frighteningly loud—spots for them to jump out. The only downside is that it doesn’t feel like the location totally committed to the story. Getting to the beginning requires walking through the still-in-use portion of the basketball courts, and it’s much brighter than any of the other haunts. Just above the makeshift walls, folded-up basketball hoops and scoreboards are still very visible. The sudden exit into the parking lot and lack of a proper finale is a little jarring, but when the zombies are in full outbreak mode, it’s as fun as any. (Trevor Hale)

Date: Oct 19, 2012
Time: Times Vary
Phone: 801-768-4000
Address: 4425 N. Thanksgiving Point Way, 801-768-4000, 84043
Where: XSI Factory