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Castle of Chaos

Other haunts may offer high-tech, gee-whiz visuals, but Castle of Chaos is unique—and controversial—in offering the “hands-on horror” experience to its patrons. At the get-go, audience members are asked to choose from a menu including “no-touch,” “hands-on” and “X-Scream hands-on” levels of Hands on Horror. The X-Scream hands-on option means actors may not only grab you, but pick you up, manhandle you and actually separate you from your group. It becomes a truly grim, disorienting and ultimately fantastic experience. Perhaps no other haunt offers such a risky prospect, but rest assured the actors are well-trained—they know how to scare you, but you’ll never be in danger. All the human (and inhuman) contact makes for a truly personalized encounter—an emotional, chemical connection with the actors that’s truly unforgettable. If you visit only one spookhouse this Halloween season, this should be it. Ghoulish denizen Jeano Tye is marvelously creepy with his freakishly large knuckles and menacingly intimate half-growl/half-whisper, while Torture Mistress Abbey Hone cannot be disobeyed when she snaps her fingers, points toward the opening of a small tunnel and barks the order, “Crawl!” During the Coffin Slide finale, vampire Garth Ollerton offers a monologue about coffins and death that rivals any morbid Shakespearean soliloquy. (Brandon Burt)

Additional locations in Riverdale (1134 W. Riverdale Road) and Orem (168 E. University Parkway)

Date: Oct 22, 2012
Time: Times Vary
Phone: 801-461-4444
Address: 3300 S. 120 West, Salt Lake City, 84115
Where: Castle Of Chaos