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Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare on 13th is the haunt for visual connoisseurs—its big-budget, high-tech digital and animatronic effects capture the imaginations of even the youngest, most digitally jaded customers—but many of the spookhouse’s best features draw on expert use of traditional, old-fashioned smoke-and-mirror lighting effects. The spinning tunnel—with its exit seemingly floating in midair—is simply mind-blowing, and the yawning chasm was so realistic it could serve as effective terror therapy for acrophobics. The haunt is divided into three acts: NetherBeast, Cirque du Fear and Zombie Apocalypse. While each has its merits, it’s Zombie Apocalypse that features the best-developed narrative. In a world where a zombie virus has infected most of the population, you find yourself dodging not just the undead, but also uninfected military personnel and other terrified still-humans. Matt Bray is fantastic as a rifle-toting redneck protecting his turf, urging you to “move along,” and Kevin Mackey is brilliant as the chainsaw-wielding zombie. Inescapable labyrinths are a haunted-house staple—some more memorable than others—but in Cirque du Fear, Caitlin Jones as the Polka-Dot Girl has a demented laugh that is unforgettable. (Brandon Burt)

Date: Oct 19, 2012
Phone: 801-467-8100
Address: 320 W. 1300 South, SALT LAKE CITY, 84115
Where: Nightmare on 13th