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Dan Deacon

The once student of composition and electronic music at Purchase College, State University of New York, Dan Deacon has dropped a new collection of tunes that are dunked in droning bass, coated in arousing minimalism and fried in pop. America (2012) offers Side A, which is the pop side—intense and friendly—and Side B, a four-part piece called “USA.” Side B is devoid of politics; rather, it focuses on a celebration of the land (in fact, a photo of a southern Utah landscape made the cover art). In general, Deacon also focuses on a celebration of live performances. While always highly interactive, they just got a boost with his brand-new smartphone app. It was inspired by audience- based cellphone interactive pieces that he has performed over the past several years. Each phone is turned into a source of synchronized light and sound depending on the phone’s location within each venue; there are other neat doohickeys, too, like a four-way decibel meter and a synthesizer for reminiscing the good times afterward. Height With Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda and Alan Resnick are also on the bill.

Date: Oct 29, 2012
Time: 7 pm
Phone: 801-364-3538
Address: 741 S. 330 West, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Kilby Court