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Starfucker, a five-piece indie-electro-dance-rock band from Portland, Ore., puts on one hell of a show. Led by Joshua Hodges, the outfit draws from a relatively small, but impressive catalog—Starfucker (2008), Reptilians (2011) and a forthcoming early-2013 LP—that can be so good that folks get a bit unruly (even for my rambunctious tastes), like at The Urban Lounge in May 2011. In my review, I wrote a few PSAs that are worth reiterating to tonight’s crowd: 1. Attention, Ecstasy-induced zombies by the front of the stage: It’s not fun for anyone when you are getting tossed around like a jellyfish in the midst of a dance party because you are out of your gourd and can barely control yourself. Next time, go to the back of the house. 2. Attention, elbow-jabbing spot claimers: There’s no “my spot” on a dance floor, so quit bitching and jabbing people in the side. Relax. Smile. Dance. And get the hell off me. Onuinu will open the show.

Date: Oct 25, 2012
Time: 9 pm
Phone: 801-746-0557
Address: 241 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City, 84102
Where: The Urban Lounge