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Kaki King

From appearing as a guitar-playing hand double in August Rush to creating five critically acclaimed albums to taking the stage with the wide-ranging likes of Foo Fighters to The Mountain Goats, Kaki King is eclectic, to say the least, with a broad musical palette. Her latest album, Glow, embodies—and at times transcends—that sentimentality. From the opening chamber-esque notes of “Great Round Burn” to the sparse and twangy ending notes of “Marche Slav,” the 12-track disc is triumphant and wildly entertaining. If the sonic diversity isn’t enough, King’s signature playing style, filled with finger taps and slap techniques, will be a treat to watch. Lady Lamb the Bee Keeper starts things off.

Date: Oct 26, 2012
Time: 9 pm
Phone: 800-501-2885
Address: 638 South State Street, Salt Lake City, 84111
Where: The State Room