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Salt Lake City Film Festival

Art is hard. Making a low-budget independent film is really hard. And sometimes, finding a place to show that film—and, if you’re an interested viewer, finding a place to see it—can be even harder.

In a state that is home to a festival synonymous with independent film, filmmakers still need chances to get their creations out into the world. The Salt Lake City Film Festival provides such a showcase, with 17 feature narrative and documentary films—plus shorts—screening over four days. The nonfiction films include musical profiles of The Replacements, Jay Reatard and Andrew Bird, plus explorations of the world of human medical guinea pigs and the fight of a lesbian woman for custody of her child. Narratives explore 20-something aimlessness, a creepy attempt at an “intervention” and siblings coping with the death of their father. Take an eclectic tour through the funky world of truly original film works. (Scott Renshaw)

Date: Sep 20, 2012
Time: Times Vary
Address: 84101
Where: Various locations