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Utah State Fair

Put on your gawking hat, grab your Twinkie spoon and loosen your belt. It’s time for the Utah State Fair. The aim of the State Fair is to celebrate the proud agricultural and craft traditions that built our great country at this, the time of harvest and etc. But point me toward the World’s Most Gigantic-est Horse.

Fry me some butter on a stick, and then sell me stuff I thought I could only buy from infomercials. Then, a few rounds on rides operated by the cream of the Carnival-American community that are designed to collapse quickly and fit on a truck. I also want to hit up the huge slide that, for some reason, requires the use of a burlap sack. I would also like to attend a rodeo or demolition derby, or a performance by a band I haven’t thought of since the 20th century. More importantly, it’s all good clean family fun. (Rob Tennant)

Date: Sep 12, 2012
Phone: 801-538-8400
Address: 155 N. 1000 West, Salt Lake City, 84116
Where: Utah State Fairpark