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Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day

Just like many cultural celebrations, the 11th-annual Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day will begin with opening ceremonies and a bit of fanfare. But unlike most, the occultists of Crone’s Hollow (a local magic emporium) will be in charge of opening portals to the Otherworld—and, consequently, the doorway to the event.

Although such happenings might be a bit uncommon, Chrissy Johnson—mother, grandmother, pagan of 20-plus years and one of the Pagan Pride Day organizers—says that the occasion is specifically designed as an invitation to all faiths, pagan paths and mainstream religions, as well. “Pagan Pride was created to teach the community at large that we are no different than they are; we just worship in a different way. … The final goal is the advancement of religious tolerance and elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs.”

The day-long affair will include booths, entertainment and food. There will also be an area of AltarScapes devoted to ritual altars from various local spiritual organizations. The space is specifically set aside for reflection, and is a way to experience first-hand the diversity of Utah’s spiritual community.

Other activities at the festival include storytelling, workshops, musical performances and childrens activities. The festivities will end with a closing harvest ceremony shepherded by The Church of Elemental Awareness. (Jacob Stringer)

Date: Sep 9, 2012
Time: 10 am
Address: 100 E. 5200 South, Murray, 84119
Where: Murray Central Park