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Anyen Rinpoche: Journey to Certainty

It has been quite an extraordinary life journey that took a young boy raised among yak herders in the mountains of Tibet to different mountains half a world away, the Rockies of Colorado. But as a teacher, Anyen Rinpoche has dedicated himself more to facilitating the life journeys of others.

A khenpo (master teacher) in Tibetan Buddhism, Anyen Rinpoche traces his scholarly lineage back to the master Patrul Rinpoche. His 14 years of study and meditation eventually led him to the Orgyen Khamdroling Center in Denver, in addition to travel and instruction throughout the world and writing several books, including Momentary Buddhahood and Dying with Confidence. This week, he comes to Salt Lake City with his new book, Journeys to Certainty, in an event that is more than a mere book-signing. Anyen Rinpoche will present a lecture on the sense of true reality that comes from meditation. Join in a unique opportunity to learn at the feet of a master. (Scott Renshaw)

Date: Aug 23, 2012
Time: 6 pm
Phone: 801-322-1162
Address: 151 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, 84102
Where: Golden Braid Book