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Kingsbury Hall: Hair

With war continually being waged across the globe and this country’s fingers stirring the pot, the revival of the ultimate Broadway hippie romp of Hair never felt timelier.

Yes, surprisingly enough, it’s been 40 years since this group of pacifists first graced the stage with their message of peace, love and understanding. And although many still talk of the brief nudity in the production—once considered utterly scandalous—the most powerful aspect of Hair is the way the show goes to lengths to break down the theatrical fourth wall. The cast begins by smoking (fake) joints while cavorting about the theater, and the grand finale of this particular revival has willing spectators joining in for an onstage dance party. Really, what these simple acts do is help to implicate the audience in both the true trauma of war and the need to ascend above the fray by taking full advantage of the hope ushered in by another beautiful Age of Aquarius. (Jacob Stringer)

Date: Jan 19, 2013
Time: Times Vary
Phone: 801-581-7100
Address: 1395 E. Presidents Circle, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 84112
Where: Kingsbury Hall