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Twilight Concert Series: Band of Horses

With summer in full bloom and friends getting married left and right, it seems as though I’ve turned into a semi-professional wedding-speech writer and reception-playlist-maker. No doubt, at the top of every indie wedding playlist is Band of Horses’ sweet “No One’s Gonna Love You.” Suffice it to say, I’ve heard that song a lot recently. So when the now Charleston, S.C.-based five-piece offered up a new track, “Knock Knock”—from Mirage Rock, their fourth album, out Sept. 18—it was very welcome. The tune still has Ben Bridwell’s floating, nasally vocals, but from the sound of it—and with the help of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, producer Glyn Johns—fans can expect a more rollicking, indie-rock treat this fall, with, hopefully, some previews this evening. Lower Dens open.

Date: Jul 26, 2012
Time: 7 pm
Address: 300 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Pioneer Park