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The String Cheese Incident at Deer Valley

The Barefoot Boys’ management team wanted to make this summer tour as awesome as possible, so they thought up ideas that “ranged from shooting Billy out of a cannon to having Kyle brew up a pool full of Summer Ale and inviting all of Boulder over for a swim,” they wrote at It was a logistical foil, so, among other things, they’ve settled for the “Service-fee-free Summer”—continuing to stick it to the man, a credo that goes back to their 2003 lawsuit against Ticketmaster. That should help tie-dyed, trustafarian, folk-dancin’ fools and everyone in between save a little scrilla to tune up their hula-hoops for this night of nearly 20 years worth of acoustic jamgrass.

Date: Jul 10, 2012
Time: 6 pm
Address: I-80 Exit 145
Where: Deer Valley Resort