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15th Street Gallery: Trent Call

What does it mean to be an “academically trained” artist? Traditionally and contemporaneously, this requires the artist to articulate the human form, develop a convincing perspective and space and convey a subject that is interesting. Popular artist Trent Call—widely known for his street-art style—is being promoted by the 15th Street Gallery for works of “formal academic painting.” Call is widely known for a “spray can” style of work, pop sculpture, comics, drawings, illustrations, screen prints and posters—but these are not the works being shown at the 15th Street Gallery.

This exhibit includes nudes, still lifes, portraits, landscapes and subjects not associated with street art. Due to Call’s artistic importance, it is fair to look with a discerning eye upon this side of his aesthetic, either to galvanize his street-artist status or to reveal him as an artist of surprising breadth.

“Ray” (pictured) is a fully developed composition, and a reasonable one to qualify Call’s academic skill. The subject is rendered with a languid pose and tranquil gaze, allowing for a sense of ease in a candid moment. Overall, the naturalism is strong; the chosen perspective utilizes a comfortable kitchen setting, placing the figure centrally and seeming to invite the viewer inward. The colors are bright hues and bold tones that ring and buzz from every corner of the phosphorescently lit space.

Ultimately, the piece is distinctive with a refreshing and energetic atmosphere that resonates positivity. The energy is a familiar one charged with spirit and life that makes reality of the everyday. All pieces included in this showing of Call’s work measure up to this high academic standard. (Ehren Clark)

Date: Jul 2, 2012
Phone: 801-468-1515
Address: 1515 E. 1519 South, Salt Lake City, 84105
Where: 15th Street Gallery