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It seems trite to say, but Liars’ latest album, WIXIW, unfolds meaning layer upon layer upon layer. And truth be told, upon first listen, I found the dark and experimental record annoying. But with each new spin, listeners can’t help question how the provocative electronic and sample-based sounds were produced—the synths are so warped, they sound completely original. Once you grasp the sonic textures and fresh soundscapes, you begin to dig into the album’s uncertainty—the product of frontman Angus Andrews and member Aaron Hemphill’s increasing collaboration and the juxtaposing muses for each of their lyrics. At some point during the unfolding, you listen to the climbing, epic centerpiece that is the title track, and everything just clicks. And I’m still figuring out more layers with each listen.

Date: Jul 11, 2012
Time: 9 pm
Phone: 801-746-0557
Address: 241 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City, 84102
Where: The Urban Lounge