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3rd Annual EarthWell Festival

Summer is full of fun festivals to attend, but the third-annual EarthWell Festival aims to be something a little different than the hustle and bustle of your average summer fest. Sustainability—in the festival as well as the attractions—and wellness of the mind, body and spirit are intertwined to create an event that will leave every patron feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The festival is one part wellness (with brief yoga sessions offered along with a collection of scrumptious good-for-the-soul food) and one part sustainability, featuring local creations designed to harness solar energy or reuse what we might have thrown away. Offering plenty of interaction, EarthWell will have classes like hula hooping and Zumba, as well as classes on subjects including how to maintain a healthy marriage or learning the truth about your lawn care. For the kids, EarthWell offers Eco Kidz, a section of the festival full of arts, crafts, a climbing wall and a nap zone for the little ones to play, discover and rest. Ends Sunday. (Savannah Turk)

Date: Aug 25, 2012
Time: 10