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Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz Anniversary

Even with the monopoly of national franchised brands flooding local bars and other locally founded shows nipping at its heels, the Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz has carried on for two years as one of the most popular quiz nights in the state. Hosted by Geek Show Podcast co-host Shannon Barnson and Big Shiny Robot co-founder Bryan Young, this City Weekly 2012 Best Of Utah-winning quiz is a gauntlet of trivial knowledge that puts rounds of Trivial Pursuit to shame.

Teams of six gather for eight rounds of music, movie, sports, nerd-centric, history, current events and wild-card rounds of whatever comes to the minds of the intellectually sadistic hosts, ranging from hard-core Harry Potter knowledge to women’s reproductive systems. This Wednesday marks the event’s official two-year anniversary, where teams will compete for mediocre prizes and a “golden trophy” that you get to sign your names to, Stanley Cup style. Good luck to all! (Gavin Sheehan)

Date: Jun 20, 2012
Time: 8:30 pm
Phone: 801-487-4418
Address: 1300 S. 135 West, Salt Lake City, 84115
Where: Lucky 13