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38th Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games

How often do you get to throw huge, heavy things around while not wearing pants—at least without getting arrested? Your chance comes this weekend at the 38th-annual Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games. One of the highlights will be the “Heavy Events,” handed down from ancient Celtic clan chiefs, which require contestants to throw the 22-pound Braemer stone, 16-pound open stone, a 56-pound weight attached to a box with a chain or the 22-pound hammer. If distance isn’t your thing, try the “height” events, where you throw a 20-pound bale of hay over a crossbar with a pitchfork, or throw a 56-pound weight over a crossbar with one hand. The most well-known event, the caber toss, involves throwing an 18-foot, 100-pound tree end-over-end. Oh, and you have to do it all while in a kilt, and manage to maintain your dignity. If that sounds like a lot of weight to lug around, you can just show up and watch. Traditional music and dance will also feature prominently at the event, with competitions for pipe and drum bands, as well as traditional Highland dancers. There will also be a Saturday-night concert featuring bands with names like Molly’s Revenge, the Wicked Tinkers and Bad Colleen. Are you sensing a trend here? The event begins Friday night and continues all day Saturday. Admission tickets can be purchased for the entire festival, or for the Saturday-night concert only. (Geoff Griffin)

Date: Jun 9, 2012
Phone: 801-672-6040
Address: 3003 N. Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, 84043
Where: Thanksgiving Point