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Wiseguys Comedy: Louie Anderson

Even though comedian Louie Anderson, with his gap-toothed cherub face center stage, seems to be in some kind of perpetual adult childhood, he’s warmly regarded as a cherished member of the comedy old guard.

There are an ever-decreasing number of joke tellers still plying the trade who got a direct blessing from the iconic Johnny Carson. Back in the day, all it took was for the late-night legend to invite you to the couch after your carefully crafted television spot, and you were on your way to comedy gold. That’s how it worked for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, and that’s how it worked for Anderson in 1981.

Since then, he has starred in several television shows, including Life With Louie and Family Feud, but, more importantly, he runs a comedy boot camp where he teaches young hopefuls to cleanly exercise their funny bone before hitting Sin City, where he has his very own theater at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino. (Jacob Stringer)

Date: Jun 29, 2012
Time: 7 pm
Phone: 801-622-5588
Address: 269 25th St, Ogden, 84119
Where: Wiseguys Comedy Ogden