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Mondo Fine Art Group Show: When Space Becomes Place

What transforms a mere space into a place, with all the implied feelings of presence and familiarity? It’s similar to how a house becomes a home, with added cultural connotations as well as personal. Mondo Fine Art presents the idiosyncratic visions of a quartet of photographers—two local, and two with international renown.

Colombian-born New Yorker Monika Bravo starts with the unlikely proposition of inquiring whether our world is merely a mental construct. Facades of large buildings from all over the world, printed on a thick, transparent film (“Parallel 10” is pictured), are rendered as displaced as we commonly feel among them, with ambient light passing through them as a shadow of the real.

Originally from Berlin, fellow New Yorker Stefan Hagen’s photographs record the experience of sojourns to places like Walden Pond, which are exposed for the duration of his stay. Only the details that persisted throughout the exposure remain in focus, an effect that is an analogy of the workings of memory.

Locals Adam Bateman and Josh Winegar take on different perspectives of the American experience. Bateman’s newest project, Senderos, traces the path of tourism from American transcendentalism to the present, mapping images found on Google to show the homogeneity of our experience. Using a large-format film camera, Winegar delves into a more nuanced, uneasy relationship between Americans and nature by manipulating the images to erase the human presence, which somehow makes it more indelible. (Brian Staker)

Date: May 29, 2012
Phone: 801-355-1553
Address: 2927 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, 84106
Where: Light Spot Modern Design