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Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

The concept behind the California movement makers’ name is about their wide-sweeping musicological approach, which encapsulates jazz, funk, boogaloo, Afrobeat, soul and so on—a macro-cosmic sound heard in the microcosm of their latest release, Brother’s Keeper (2009). Denson’s proclivities don’t stop there. On either side of this two-night Salt Lake City stop, Denson et al. will cover the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers in its entirety; and at a two-night Solana Beach, Calif., performance, the band plays a tribute to The Beastie Boys. With two full evenings to fill, Denson will surely bring bits of these new musical escapades to the fore.

The State Room, 638 S. State, 9 p.m., also on March 17, $25

Date: Mar 16, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Phone: 800-501-2885
Address: 638 South State Street, Salt Lake City, 84111
Where: The State Room