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Also in DJ/Dance/Electronic
Fri, Mar 02Bassnectar
Fri, Mar 02Dubwise
Tue, Mar 06Night Beats
Thu, Mar 08DJ Skeet Skeet


Bassnectar’s creator—super-producer and DJ Lorin Ashton—might be crazier about community than wobbling bass freakouts. Growing up in a commune instilled in him a love of getting people together—he threw his first rave at 18. Now, at often sold-out Bassnectar shows, hordes of sweaty souls become community, in a sense—one amorphous, euphoric, life-filled creature with hundreds of hands all waving and pulsating. Onstage and in the studio, Ashton is a beat destructor, splicer, dicer and resurrector, in genre-bending bliss—self-described as “omnitempo maximalism.” It’s not about the volume of that music in concert, it’s about the heaviness—how it feels, reverberates and pops in a crowd all at once. The Great Saltair, 12408 W. Saltair Drive, 8 p.m., $30

Date: Mar 2, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Phone: 800-888-8499
Address: 12408 W. Salt Air Dr, Magna, 84044
Where: Great Saltair