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Empress Theatre: Blithe Spirit

Seeking material for his fictional exposé of a criminal psychic, novelist Charles Condomine invites eccentric medium Madame Arcati to his home to conduct a séance. As Charles, his wife of five years, Ruth, and their guests the Bradmans restrain their laughter, Madame Arcati performs peculiar rituals and speaks with a propensity for clichés. Upon its conclusion, Arcati obviously is concerned about an unexpected turn the session has taken, although the author and his guests are dubious anything extraordinary occurred. Unknown to everyone, Madame Arcati has accidentally summoned the spirit of Charles' first wife Elvira during the séance, whose voice Charles can now hear, and Arcati faints during her trance. After Madame Arcati and the Bradmans have left, and Ruth has retired for the night, Elvira takes visual form. Charles, who is the only person capable of seeing Elvira, becomes both dismayed and amused by her sudden and unexpected presence.

After being closed more than 50 years, the Empress Theatre has once again opened its doors to provide family friendly live theater! Showtimes are at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $11 on Monday, Friday, and Saturday nights and $9 for Thursdays and matinee shows. Seniors, Students, children under 12, and groups of 15 are also $9.

Date: May 7, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm
Phone: 801-347-7373
Address: 9104 W. 2700 South, 84044
Where: Empress Theatre