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CWMA Showcase: Folka Dots, The Mighty Sequoyah, Isaac Russell, The Moth & The Flame

The tender harmonizing of the Folka Dots are fluffier than Appalachian biscuits on a Sunday, a mighty tasty way to start off this showcase that also shows off Provo’s best bands. The folk rock of The Mighty Sequoyah shined on their mid-2011 release Relative, and when they aren’t playing plugged in, they can be caught billed as “The Weak Sequoyah” as they pick unplugged. Columbia Records signee Isaac Russell knows where it’s at: The crooner just moved back to Provo from Los Angeles because the Wasatch and the Provo scene make for more fertile songwriting environs. And The Moth & the Flame might just be Provo’s biggest buzz band this year. Their eponymous debut album went off to much fanfare, with two sold-out release shows to celebrate the intricately layered evocative gems within. Velour, 135 N. University Ave., Provo, 8:30 pm., $5

Date: Feb 4, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Phone: 801-818-2263
Address: 135 North University Avenue, Provo, 84601
Where: Velour