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Brian Greene: The Nature of Things

It takes a brilliant mind to really understand the complex cogs and wheels responsible for making the universe tick. It takes an even more unique kind of genius to distill all that mind-blowing knowledge down to a form that any layman can grasp.

Brian Greene is such a person. As a professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, Greene has joined the illustrious ranks of other theoretical physicists, such as Richard Feynman and Stephen Hawking, who have the uncanny ability to make complex ideas like multi-verses and string theory seem like fun and interesting topics for a cocktail party. Having charged himself with the task to personally change people’s perceptions about how stuffy and irrelevant science is, Greene has written a surprisingly accessible book called The Elegant Universe. He also continually lectures, sharing interesting stories about his love of science and the inner workings of life, the universe and everything. (Jacob Stringer)

Brian Greene: The Nature of Things @ Kingsbury Hall, 1395 E. Presidents Circle, 801-581-7100, Feb. 29, 7 p.m., $12.

Date: Feb 29, 2012
Time: 7 pm
Phone: 801-581-7100
Address: 1395 E. Presidents Circle, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 84112
Where: Kingsbury Hall