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The Black Keys

If you’re reading these pages, chances are you know who The Black Keys are. And chances are that if you can afford the tickets, you will be at the show. You don’t need me to tell you why the Ohio-based blues rockers are epic renaissance men in the world of blues. But you might need me to tell you how to pre-game. “The Black Keys” recipe comes from, a website that generates the perfect (or, sometimes, awkwardly imperfect) drink for most musical artists that a music lover might query. This concoction involves 8 oz. Canadian Club Whiskey, 8 oz. Rose’s lime juice and 10 oz. “Rum, Fucking Rum” all combined, shaken and strained. Boom! Arctic Monkeys opens the show.

Date: May 2, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm
Phone: 800-745-3000
Address: 3200 S. Decker Lake Dr, West Valley City, 84119
Where: Maverik Center