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The Essential A&E Picks for Feb. 23-March 1

Todd Barry, Salt Lake Acting Co., Alvin Ailey Dance Co. II and more

The Essential A&E Picks for Feb. 16-22

Theater, literature and comedy you don't want to miss this week.

The Essential A&E Picks for Feb. 9-15

Jerry Herman, The Sleeping Beauty, Bill Maher, and more

The Essential A&E Picks for Feb. 2-8

Mamma Mia!, Anthony Jeselnik, Ririe-Woodbury, and more
While purists on both sides of the theatrical/pop music divide may complain about rock's invasion of Broadway, there's no denying the success of shows that transpose popular music onto theater stages.

The Essential A&E Picks for Jan. 26-31

La Boheme, Kathy Griffin, Poor Bastard, and more
Art depicting the creation of art has a fascinating and often painfully poignant self-reflective quality. Giacomo Puccini's La Boheme—with its focus on young bohemian artists attempting to balance their creative desires, their hearts and the practicality of survival—is no exception.

The Essential A&E Picks for Jan. 19-25

En Plein Air, Man of La Mancha, Kevin Smith, Carve the Mark
>Ah, plein air—the most Western of painting genres. What could define the artist as rugged individual more than braving the elements to make art in the great outdoors, from life, almost melding into and becoming part of nature in all its glory.

The Essential A&E Picks for Jan. 12-18

Comedian Rachel Feinstein, 'Tower' with director Keith Maitland, 'Kinky Boots' and more.
There's plenty of competition in comedy realms these days, so it takes a special ability to not only survive, but also thrive.

The Essential A&E Picks for Jan. 5-11

Repertory Dance Theatre, Pioneer Theatre Co., Criminal Justice Reform with Van Jones and more...
Utah's Repertory Dance Theatre is unique in the dance world for many reasons. One of the most important is the approach ...

The Essential A&E Picks for Dec. 29 - Jan. 4

Eve WinterFest, Dwayne Perkins, Alan Cumming and more
The family-friendly "Bounce Town" at Salt Palace is full of inflatables.

The Essential A&E Picks for Dec. 22-28

Russel Albert Daniels, Marcus & Guy Seidel and more
Russel Daniels is a longtime local photographer whose work has bridged the gap between photojournalism, in which he has a B.A., and visual art.

The Essential A&E Picks for Dec. 7-13

Lachlan Patterson, Irving Berlin's White Christmas and more
So you have to give respect to native Canadian Lachlan Patterson for making it through those ranks after years of hard work.

The Essential A&E Picks for Dec. 1-7

Men Are From Mars, The Nutcracker, and more
It clearly has to do with more than men learning to put the toilet seat down.

The Essential A&E Picks for Nov. 24-30

Christmas in Color, Messiah Sing-In, and more
For their second year, Christmas in Color takes up two stretches of city streets—one in Provo and one in Kearns—decorating the entire pathway with lights and music, all synched in an amazing showcase.

The Essential A&E Picks for Nov. 17-23

Salty Cricket Composers, Repertory Dance Theatre, and more
Through performances like this one, the group is working to bring modern classical music created by local composers to Salt Lake City.

The Essential A&E Picks for Nov. 10-16

Mary and Myra, Salt in Concert, and more.
It's among the better-known bits of presidential trivia that Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, had mental-health issues, and stayed in an institution several years after the president was assassinated ...

The Essential A&E Picks for Nov. 3-9

Jewish Arts Fest, Madame Butterfly, and more
Celebrating one's religion can be a joyous thing. But sharing it with someone else is often equally rewarding.

The Essential A&E Picks for Oct. 27-Nov. 2

Winter, A Gambler's Anatomy, and more
In Salt Lake Acting Co.'s National New Play Network premiere of Winter, written by Julie Jensen and directed by Tracy Callahan, however, death is viewed with a touch of humor, despite the loved ones who might be left behind.


Sackerson Theater, Jann Haworth has organized Work In Progress, and more
The piece explores the current life of Allison, who's older daughter won't stop questioning life while her younger daughter won't stop running around.


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