Election Issues 

What is the biggest issue for you in this year’s presidential election?

Derek Carlisle: Prove that they are the 1 percent, drink, smoke, want to make money for America, seek four terms and cheat on their wives. It seems to have worked in the past.

Rachel Scott: Women’s reproductive rights, the environment and the shitty economy. I just hope that the American people are not stupid enough to vote in a Republican. Remember the Bush years, people?!

Susan Kruithof: Taxes. I’m sick of corporations getting away with murder. Tax those mother effers!

Scott Renshaw: Money: Who’s got it (the people who can afford to run for public office) and who hasn’t (everybody else).

Dan Nailen: The growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots, not just in dollars, but in opportunities and hope.

Bill Frost: The remote possibility of four years of Deep End columns about “Mit.”

Nick Morgan: My biggest issue is the lack of any good candidates.

Jerre Wroble: Is the Constitution hanging by a thread? If it is, then either Mitt Romney or Rocky Anderson will ride in and save us from our own bad selves. If it isn’t, then Obama scores four more.

Rachel Piper: I’m not going to be able to sleep until I know which celebrity holograms CNN has booked for its election-night coverage.

Eric S. Peterson: The same issue I have every presidential election because it’s the one no one talks about: Getting the influence of private special-interest money out of public elections. Candidates should be voted for, not invested in, nor bought and traded.
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