Sundance Sipping

Looking for libations in all the right places.

The Wines of Winter

Suggestions for cold-weather sipping.

Wine Trends for 2017

What and how we'll drink in the coming year.

NYE Punch-Out

Usher in the new year with festive holiday punches.
Celebrations like this one are exceptionally well-suited to punch-type drinks, especially when there's a crowd.

There Will Be Bubbles

Champagne, prosecco, cava and more for the holidays.
You'll recall that only bubbly from the Champagne region of France is true Champagne.

Sip Locally

Toast the holidays with Utah's own artisan essentials.
Here are a few tasty suggestions for your holiday shopping list, from cocktail bitters to fruit wines.

Virtuous Vino

Wineries and winemakers that give back.
However, holiday imbibing and gifting can be self-indulgent.

Hop to It

The remarkable rise of IPAs.
More than 100 new brands were introduced, and imperial IPAs outnumbered amber ales.

Bistro Juice

Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!
The drink, of course, was Beaujolais Nouveau—the French wine that is released in France on the third Thursday of November (it usually takes a bit longer to reach Utah).

Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Ten Turkey Day wines to give thanks to.
With so many complementary and contrasting food flavors—cranberries, dark turkey meat, salty stuffing, buttery mashed spuds, sweet pumpkin pie, etc.—the Turkey Day meal is a good place to try out an array of different wines with different foods and courses.

The Mysteries of Mezcal

Why is there so much tequila in Utah, but so little mezcal?
Whereas the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control lists 128 tequila selections on their website, there are exactly four mezcals listed, one of which has been discontinued.

Italy Under $20

The best bang-for-your-buck vino in the Beehive.
The best bang-for-your-buck Italian vino in the Beehive, including a Mezzocorona Anterra 2014 chardonnay for just $5.99.

Spirited Sips

Locally sourced libations guaranteed to raise the dead.
The perfect seasonal cocktail for hipster mixologists, the "Bleeding Heart Martini" includes pickled beets that bleed into the glass like a wounded heart speared by a sword (the cocktail spear).

Row by Row

Hopping it up in Midvale with 2 Row Brewing.
The barley kernels are ground in either two- or six-row roller mills, hence the names.

Bitter Harvest

2016 is shaping up to be a bust year for French Chablis.
This year's grape harvest in Chablis is nothing short of a disaster.

Cucina by the Glass

Avenues eatery ups the wine ante with sizeable selection.
Kudos to Pierose for beefing up the wine list

Utah Wine Economics 101

Why we pay more for wine than Californians do.
It's difficult to make a profit selling wine in Utah—be it in a wine bar or a restaurant—when the wines first have to be purchased from the state at retail prices.

Uniquely Utah Liquor

Savoring Ogden's Own Distillery's crowd-pleasing creations.
Ironically, Utah didn't have a problem with the depiction of pioneer women in petticoats holding kittens in front of their crotches.


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