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Mr. Natural

Will Bucklin makes gnarly wines from ancient vines.

Bitters in the Beehive

Artisan bitters elevate Utah cocktails.

Celebrate Cerveza

Mexican-style brews, from clara to obscura.

Spanish Wine-Out

Sip on these wallet-worthy wines from España.
It goes without saying that France's winemakers produce some of the world's finest wines. But then, so does Spain. The difference is that España oozes good wine bargains, while French values are harder to come by. The fact is that Spain is now the world's biggest wine exporter.

Eight Great Utah Brews

Shedding light on some underrated Beehive beers.
Thanks to a foundation laid by Utah's first two brewpubs, Wasatch and Squatters, the quality of local craft brews has risen to world-class heights

To Air is Human

Why wine geeks swirl, slosh, sip and spit.
At a recent dinner with my son, Hank, he asked me, "Does that really make any difference?" He was referring to the fact that I was swirling and sloshing my wine in the wine glass before drinking it. "It actually does," I replied.

A Kiss on the Lips

Try these sensuous cocktails for Valentine's Day or any time.
Valentine's Day is about nothing if not excess and indulgence. On that day each year, we splurge on chocolates, Champagne, gifts and special drinks and dinners to enjoy with our lovers.

Rhône Rangers

France's value-laden Côtes-du-Rhône.
The Rhône Valley in southeast France is a source of high quality, and often relatively inexpensive wines. It's made up of two parts—southern and northern—and the wines from each are quite different.

Where There's Smoke ...

Smoky and oaky sips.
Recently, a friend of mine asked if I'd ever tried a "smoky" wine. He recounted ordering a bottle of zinfandel in a restaurant and said he was "tormented as to whether or not I was drinking smoke or wine." The wine in question was California's Predator Zinfandel Old Vine ($15.98), produced in Lodi.

Sundance Sipping

Looking for libations in all the right places.
if you're looking to belly up to the bar during the next 10 days or so, here are some spots to try. You'll probably still see some celebs, but won't have to fight them for a barstool.

The Wines of Winter

Suggestions for cold-weather sipping.
Here in Utah, Mother Nature plays an influential part in my wine buying and ordering decisions.

Wine Trends for 2017

What and how we'll drink in the coming year.
If 2016 was any indication, 2017 promises to be a tumultuous year.

NYE Punch-Out

Usher in the new year with festive holiday punches.
Celebrations like this one are exceptionally well-suited to punch-type drinks, especially when there's a crowd.

There Will Be Bubbles

Champagne, prosecco, cava and more for the holidays.
You'll recall that only bubbly from the Champagne region of France is true Champagne.

Sip Locally

Toast the holidays with Utah's own artisan essentials.
Here are a few tasty suggestions for your holiday shopping list, from cocktail bitters to fruit wines.

Virtuous Vino

Wineries and winemakers that give back.
However, holiday imbibing and gifting can be self-indulgent.

Hop to It

The remarkable rise of IPAs.
More than 100 new brands were introduced, and imperial IPAs outnumbered amber ales.

Bistro Juice

Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!
The drink, of course, was Beaujolais Nouveau—the French wine that is released in France on the third Thursday of November (it usually takes a bit longer to reach Utah).



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