Bohemian Rhapsody

Beer grub elevated.

Have It Your Way

Customization is the keyword at Mollie & Ollie.

Holy Gao

Finding Chinese magic at Chef Gao.
I normally consider it to be a plus when I don't see General Tso's chicken or sweet-and-sour pork on a Chinese restaurant menu.

Above Ground

Surviving 16 sometimes challenging years, Stoneground grows up.
McCarthy knows talent when he sees it, and he very smartly scooped up über-talented chef Justin Shifflett

O, Pie and Beer

Days of '47 beverage pairings for the valley's finest pies.
At Uinta Brewing Co., employees bring pies to eat while sipping Uinta brews, and a Best Pie contest is held.


Some tasty, lesser-known additions to your list of top local brunch spots.
The addition of Justin Shifflett—formerly of Metropolitan and other fine restaurants—as head chef is a good one.

Sicilian Sensation

Sicilia Mia brings homestyle Sicilian flavors to SLC.
Sicilia Mia ("My Sicily") has only been open since late March, but it has already become one of the toughest tables to get in the Holladay/Millcreek area.

Ethiopian Adventure

Mahider offers exotic flavors at bargain prices.
Plenty of vegetable-, potato- and legume-based dishes are available, along with those for meateaters

Sundance Summer

A seasonal visit to the timeless Tree Room and Foundry Grill.
It is still one of the state's most appealing and reliable dining destinations.

Summer Breezes

Patios, Decks, Rooftops and Gardens for Al Fresco Dining.
I know a lot of Utahns who like to say that they came here for the winters but stayed for the summers.

Pride in Profession

Remembering restaurateur and realtor John Williams
Just as John Williams left his mark on our palates and on the city's skyline, he also left an army of faithful employees to praise his generosity

Nigiri Up North

Ogden's Tona Sushi is hitting all the right notes.
Owners Tony Chen and Tina Yu (Tony + Tina = Tona) and their staff seem to be firing on all cylinders

Burger Kings

Celebrating City Weekly's Burger Week[s] with some local bun-tastic flavors.
Most are newish and/or spots that might fly a little under the radar.

Artful Asian

Pleiku offers contemporary ambiance and eclectic Asian fare.
While you peruse the eclectic Asian menu—with Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian and Chinese dishes all intermingling—you might want to enjoy one of many unusual libations.

Heavenly, Sensational and Luscious

Briar Handly and his crew set up HSL in SLC.
It's hard to believe that Park City's Handle restaurant is well into its second year already. It still seems so new to me. But, yes, Handle has taken root and its owners—Briar Handly, Melissa Gray and Meagan Nash—have now ventured into the Salt Lake City dining scene with the opening of their new restaurant, called simply HSL.

M is for Mom's Meals

Dine-out options for Mother's Day in Salt Lake City
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, and thanks for all you do!

Modern French Cuisine

A degustation of two weeks eating in France
Some of those dishes made today's tapas and "small plates" meals look like an all-you-can-eat extravaganza at Chuck-A-Rama.



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