Dining Guide 2014

Discover nearly 70 ways to fall in love with food
We’re creatures of habit: going to work at the same time, along the same route. Cooking up meals from the small arsenal of tried-and-true recipes that everyone at the table is willing to consume.

Learning to Love Your Kitchen

These kitchen tricks are guaranteed to increase your joy of cooking
I know lots of people who simply love to cook at home, and just as many who loathe it. My wife falls into the latter category, and when she's done cooking one of her rare at-home meals, our kitchen looks like a tsunami hit it. So, I do most of the cooking.

Cups o' Comfort

These warming winter cocktails are worth braving the elements for
I love winter weather, and not only because of the promise of Utah's champagne powder. It gives me an excuse to indulge in hearty winter libations—the type that, hot or cold, serve to warm the heart and soul.

Out of the Kitchen

Renowned Utah chefs don't spend all their time with wooden spoons in their hands
We might associate artists of any kind—including great chefs—almost exclusively with their most public activities; it's sometimes tempting to think they spend their time at home doing only that thing we know they do so well.


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