Ex Machina

Ex Machina

One killer performance overrides the high-concept sci-fi of Ex Machina
Oscar Isaac doesn't exactly make an "entrance" in Ex Machina, at least not in the conventional sense that we think of as a character's first appearance.

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Essentials: Entertainment Picks April 23-29

"444" is police radio code for officer-involved shooting. The anonymous arts collective MITT2020 is presenting exhibit 444 at CUAC Contemporary Art, featuring artifacts, found photography and video footage from local police shootings in recent years.

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Repertory Dance Theatre: Reunion

RDT prepares for a 50th anniversary by bringing back some old friends
By the time modern dance—a creative form of movement expression that rejected the rigidity of ballet—was only six decades old, an impressive canon of work was already developing.


Weed Out the Week

Your daily guide to Watching—and Hate-Watching
After "Are you still writing for that paper?" and "Why did I assume you were dead?" the question I'm most often asked is, "So, what's good on TV?"

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April 23-29: Splashes of Unpredictability

Wisdom is most likely to grow from uncertainty, Taurus
I usually have no objection to your devoted concern (I won't use the phrase "manic obsession") with security and comfort. But there are rare phases in every Taurus's life cycle when ironclad stability becomes a liability.

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Miss City Weekly 2015

City Weekly hosts the 6th annual Miss City Weekly Pride Pageant as the official kick-off to Utah Pride weekend

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Axe Cop, Orphan Black

More reviews: Major Lazer, Bitten, Lost Girl
Few watched Fox's failed attempt to take on both Adult Swim and Saturday Night Live with the late-night Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD—get it?) in 2013; fewer still are aware that the cartoon block moved to FXX in January of this year.

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