Emperor Trumpatine

Emperor Trumpatine

George Lucas was able to warn us about Trump
Master Yoda once said that the future is always in motion, but the past is set in stone—until we invent time travel, that is.

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The Essential A&E Picks for Dec. 1-7

Men Are From Mars, The Nutcracker, and more
It clearly has to do with more than men learning to put the toilet seat down.

Entertainment Picks

'Toon Under

Pacific Heat isn't quite Archer; Shut Eye is another Hulu winner.
You could blame an Aussie/American disconnect, but remember Danger 5?

True TV

Christmas Stalkings

Holiday horror might be the most horrible subgenre.
The town asshole, Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore), tells George Bailey (James Stewart) he'd be worth more dead than alive.

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Freewill Astrology: Mom's Womb

Horoscopes for Dec. 1-7
The coming weeks will be an excellent phase to attempt a similar if somewhat less extravagant trick.

Free Will Astrology

A Hand Up

A lot of people know that we help out an immigrant population in Rose Park, but they might not know how

Community Beat

Big Boom Town

Here's a list of what's growing on our skyline

Community Beat

Best of Utah Arts

Our readers weighed in with their choices of the best creative work from the past year, and our staff and freelance contributors added some of their personal favorites. And it's all part of understanding that our experience of living in this place is enhanced by beautiful, thought-provoking acts of creation.


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