The Utah Arts Fest turns 40 Years Young

The past, present and future of the ever-morphing arts fest.

State of Brony

A Booming Fringe Community of Utah Youth Finds acceptance through My Little Pony


The Pride issue 2016
As a member of the LGBTQ community, it's been a long road to the current days of #slay and YASSS GAGA. Like many of my cohorts in the Beehive State, being proud of being different wasn't intrinsically in the cards for me. In fact, I remember my nighttime routine growing up involved getting down on my knees and praying to God to make me normal.

Make It Pop!

Summer Movie Preview
A critic's take on flicks you'll remember and some you just won't wait to forget.

The Smart Files

After 14 Years, the Elizabeth Smart police report sees the light of day.
When they came for him, Richard Ricci was enjoying a plate of spaghetti and a beer.

Women of Their Word

Two counter-culture mavens of Salt Lake City's alternative magazine market reinvent themselves for the digital age.
One afternoon in spring 2015, Angela H. Brown stood up in the Miller Business Resource Center in Sandy to give a commencement speech to 80 fellow students.

Resistance is Futile

How Utah ended up with a Borg Cube for a Federal Courthouse.
Architecture normally receives very little public notice in Salt Lake City. Whatever else one may say about it, however, the new federal courthouse got the public's attention.

Billionaire Saves Paper

What new ownership means for the embattled daily.
If a bid by Utah's most prominent family to purchase The Salt Lake Tribune is officially consecrated on May 1, it will register as a meaningful cosmic slap up the side of the head for any Tribune reporter or editor who had a hand in writing the book, Mormon Rivals: The Romneys, the Huntsmans and the Pursuit of Power.

The Pizza Issue

In crust we trust
It's a contentious question; one that has torn apart Salt Lake City families for generations: What's your favorite local slice of pizza? A recent inquiry on City Weekly's Facebook page quickly garnered responses ranging from "I prefer to cook my own—always better!" to "I do not want a slice.


How one woman is changing the lives of shelter dogs a snap at a time
It's Friday afternoon and, as part of an assignment for Salt Lake Community College, I'm en route to meet with Guinnevere Shuster, a professional photographer and social-media coordinator for the Humane Society of Utah. We were to interview Salt Lake City locals, and I couldn't believe my good fortune at being able to meet with her.

The One that Got Away

Salt Lake City's gamble to install an iconic art work hits a snag.
When the retail, apartment and business monolith that is City Creek Center was under construction in downtown Salt Lake City, Regent Street, a small lane between Main and State, was little more than a row of forgotten offices and entryways to parking garages.

Eating Well

Dining Guide 2016
Eating well. Go ahead and think about the notion for a minute. "Well" can mean many things to different people: clean, sustainable or just down-home, grease-dripping-down-your-chin goodness. Thankfully, City Weekly has a stable of ever-curious and always-hungry contributors who were up to the task of redefining the concept.

Voices of Choice

Six Utah women bravely tell their abortion stories.
You know someone who's had an abortion. No doubt about it. In fact, if you're a woman living in America, there's a one-in-three chance that you will have at least one in your lifetime. It's that common.

Let Them Eat Coal

There were moments when the 2016 Legislature appeared to really care about the people, but, in the end … not so much.
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Just Divorced

Navigating the twists and turns of uncoupling in Utah.
  After her divorce became final in the fall of 2015, Carol Gnade was on her own. She had her memories of married life.

Snow Job

Guest workers at resort hotels learn quickly the American Dream is not all it seems.
Temporary foreign workers are the labor lifeblood of the service industry. They are here from all around the world, cooking and cleaning for the valley's other chief import: tourists.

No Vagrancy?

In Salt Lake City's budget no-tell motels, hustling to survive is the name of the game.
When the Colonial Village Motel at 1530 S. Main in Salt Lake City opened its doors in 1938, the chalets along its L-shaped tree-lined avenue led to a swimming pool shaped like a boat.


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