Chicana Voices

Newly tenured Mexican-American women model success for minorities on U of U campus.


10 local charities that make Utah a better place.

No Safety Net

Housing First is the salvation of Utah’s chronically homeless. But for some, it doesn’t work.
Where does a mentally ill person go when their last resort has kicked them out?


The top 10 censored stories of the year
Throughout its 40-year history, Project Censored has covered a lot of ground that the corporate mainstream media has missed. Launched by Carl Jensen, a sociology professor at California's Sonoma State University shortly after Watergate in 1976, it's brought together dozens of faculty members and institutions working together to come up with an annual list of the Top 25 Censored Stories of the Year.

Election Guide 2016

In case you've just emerged from a dank cave: Some time after dusk settles on Nov. 8, America might very well ring in the news of a new president-elect by freaking out.

Days of the Dead

Ghostly welcome parties, chatty spirits, haunted dolls: Mediums, spirit guides and morticians tell all.
Death is indeed a great mystery. At any possible moment, a person can die. The scary part is they never know when—or, even scarier, how—it will happen.


It dices! It slices! It secretly wants to kill you! It's our annual Halloween issue.
Gut-wrenching screeches, maniacal cackles, death stares, bloody back-stabbings and orange-colored goblins. Yes, this election cycle has been the stuff of true nightmares.

The Weather Inside

The prison system seems intent on ensuring that a man convicted of stealing $264 in 1981 dies in jail.
To Kaestel, who in 1981 was convicted of aggravated robbery after stealing $264 from an Arkansas taco shop, nature has become a sacred part of his life behind bars.

Trans in Utah

For many, living a life true to themselves is a daily struggle.
He’s still becoming accustomed to looking another man in the eye while shaking hands.

Out of the Shadows

Former AG Mark Shurtleff on being radioactive, deliverance and medi-pot.
Shurtleff says his current business venture is the closest yet he's got to success in the private sector.

Bear River Blues

With water already flowing from taps, why are Cache County leaders eager to form a water district?
Cache Valley residents have managed to avoid the creation of a water district, shunning a level of government that is sometimes criticized for lack of transparency, and leaving the management of water infrastructure to municipalities and Cache County.

Into the Wilderness

Two people, 130 pounds of gear and one mortified horse take on the Highline Trail.
In 83 miles, at an average elevation of 10,000 feet, the Highline Trail traverses 460,000 acres of High Uinta Wilderness.

The Beer Issue

The 7th Annual Utah Beer Festival Is Here!
It's beginning to look a lot like Utah Beer Festival! Ah, yes, that most boozy time of the year is here, and with it, a whopping 240 or so different brews that'll be available this weekend at the Salt Lake Fairpark, ranging from Ales to Zwickelbier (OK, that last one might be a stretch, but I needed something with a Z).

The State Street Issue

How old Hwy. 89 has survived, thrived and stayed alive.
When it comes to roads that impress based on colossal length alone, U.S. Route 20 has all the rest of them beat with its 3,365 miles of breathtaking asphalt. State Street's reach, however, goes far beyond that.

¡Fuera Trump!

Have you ever stopped and wondered what people in Mexico think about the Donald?
One common theme emerged from all of these interviews: Trump has to go. Or, in Spanish, ¡Fuera Trump!

Click Mates

For some cyber sex workers, the industry delivers both empowerment and the promise of wealth.
For five years, Joslyn Stevens worked in the prosperous shadows of Salt Lake City's sex industry, selling companionship to lonely hearts as an escort and a sugar baby. Offering a paid-girlfriend experience for older men, she had quietly navigated the nuanced legal waters of higher-end sex work in Utah.

Uneasy Riders

Revelrous Mad Max-esque gathering aims to put Utah motorcycle culture on the map.
Dubbed as “the worst moto campout ever!” Motos in Moab provided cold beer, warm rain and hot fire.


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