No Apologies

Victim of the state or child predator, Scott Gollaher’s judgment day is looming

Rules of Engagement

A devout Mormon and an evangelical street preacher exchange words near Temple Square. Next thing you know, they're dining together on roadkill

Living In the In-Between

An English teacher born in Vietnam grapples with a lifelong identity crisis
If you grew up speaking Vietnamese, like I did, there was probably a moment in your life when you realized the limitations of your vocabulary.

Utah Legislative Wrap-Up 2015: Up in the Air

Lawmakers may not have acted on health care or Zion walls, but they sure did juggle the issues
Utah's band of lawmakers entered the capital city in January prepared to take on the big issues of the day ...

Jeremy Johnson's Two Faces

To those who owed him money, the hometown boy with a heart of gold showed a darker side
The No Filter Show is an irreverent video blog hosted by two goofballs who spotlight local businesses and events on the St. George News website (

Pot for Pain

One Republican state senator sought pain relief in Colorado. After testing it himself, he now wants to legalize medical marijuana in Utah
What a long, strange trip it's been for Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs. In February, the conservative Mormon lawmaker and grandson to the late LDS Church President Ezra Taft Benson trekked across the state line to a Denver hotel room to ingest a cannabis gummy ...

Broken Bad

A funding dispute puts Utah's inmate horse-gentling program out to pasture
Each morning, as the sun rose over the Wasatch Plateau in central Utah, Adam Wilson and 14 other men would pile into a rusted gray van that took them past a razor-wire fence and up a hill to corrals brimming with wild mustangs, ...

Garage Grit

In the shadow of Rio Tinto Stadium, garage owner Robbie Maupin fights a municipal land grab
When Robbie Maupin first dated his wife-to-be, Emily, he took her to his new shop, Garage 94, on 9400 South, just west of State Street, in Sandy. Prior to owning Garage 94, he had been pushed from one location to another, as landlords sold out to developers.

Utah Legislative Session 2015

How to get lawmakers to listen to you—not just lobbyists
By car, plane but likely not on mass transit, members of the Utah State Legislature have found their way back to the capital city, filtering in from all corners of the Beehive State to commence 45 days of lawmaking.

Sundance Film Festival 2015

The films, the personalities, the inspirations, the books and even the apps of this year's festival
The Sundance Film Festival draws filmmakers from all over the world. But this year, it’s also a showcase for directors with Utah roots.

A Match Made in Heaven

Marriage equality also means even bigger money for Utah's wedding business
You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity, scheduled to be held Sunday, May 24, 2015, in downtown Salt Lake City ...


While state funds for domestic violence dwindle, the cost in lives climbs
The courts struggle to hold perpetrators accountable—a process partially undermined, some say, by the ineffectiveness of offender treatment, which neither is standardized nor has much oversight.

The End of Year List of Lists

City Weekly's favorite food, music, movies and TV of 2014
Tis the season for 12 calling birds, three French hens and stacks on stacks of listicles counting down the best of TV, movies, news and music.

The 12 Days of Catmas

Getting to know the friendly felines who want to go home for Christmas
For this new holiday, we're putting the spotlight on six local cats currently living at Best Friends and the Humane Society who'd love to go home with someone for the holidays—and forever.

Mental Lockdown

Mentally ill inmates struggle while the prison tries to prescribe their problems away
By the time Ryan Allison was 21, he had a few goals for his life. He wanted to be a chef, get married and have children. But he also faced some challenges.


A family dispute escalated into a four-year poaching prosecution that ended in three deaths and no resolution
As an investigator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources videotaped the collection of dozens of mounted mule-deer heads, antlers and other wildlife trophies on the walls of her home on Oct. 6, 2009, Angella Jensen denounced her husband, her two oldest sons and her brother-in-law as the worst poachers in Utah history.

No Country For Bikers

Lawmakers are trying to drive biker gangs out of Utah
Pigpen, Harpo, Savage and Caesar are behind the bar, their ashes sealed inside the cylinders of the panhead and shovelhead motorcycles that they loved and rode while they were alive.


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