Rent a Cop

Almost anyone can hire a local police officer for private use—gun, uniform, squad car and all

Invisible Man

Why is the Utah prison system housing someone who robbed an Arkansas taco shop 33 years ago?
For the past 15 years, Rolf Kaestel has sat behind bars in the Utah State Prison, invisible to those who put him there and a mystery of sorts to those who store him.

The Murderer's Mistress

Gypsy Willis’ affair with a married doctor led her to scandal, jail and a role as a celebrity witness at his trial
When Gypsy Willis received a text from her married lover that said he'd just lost his wife, she had no idea what it meant. "I didn't have any idea what he was talking about," she says. "I joked back, asking if she had gone for a walk or something. I felt terrible and was in utter shock when he told me she had died."

A Beer for All Seasons

Mark your calendars for limited-time local brews
Sure, your regular order at the bar is great, but so are Utah's countless seasonal beers. These are often the ones that the brewers themselves are most passionate about—recipes without as much commercial appeal, or whose ingredients are limited. When you're at a brewery or bar, ask about the current seasonal offerings.

Taste the Randall

On-the-tap flavor infusers are customizing the craft-beer experience even further
If you think the modern craft-beer scene has already unearthed every flavor you could taste from a pint glass, you haven't met Randall.

New Brews

Two very different breweries are fermenting in Park City and Provo
When most folks think of Utah, the first thing that pops into their minds is beer—right after Mormons, polygamy, salt and Mitt Romney.

Festival Feast & Brews

What food & drink to expect at the 2014 Utah Beer Festival
Gluttony. It's one of the seven deadly sins, and this God-fearin' country's favorite pastime. It helps fill that burrito-shaped void in our souls and gives us a bloated sense of achievement. And hell, it's just fun.

My Rule is Law

Disquiet grows in the legal community over harsh philosophies at the Salt Lake City Prosecutor's Office
When Trenton Mellen was 2, he was accidentally electrocuted while playing with his older brother. His heart stopped for 29 minutes, resulting in a brain injury that "affects my coordination and equilibrium," the 44-year-old says. His family always treated him like an adult, he says, rather than someone who was handicapped.


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