The Beer Issue

The 7th Annual Utah Beer Festival Is Here!

The State Street Issue

How old Hwy. 89 has survived, thrived and stayed alive.

¡Fuera Trump!

Have you ever stopped and wondered what people in Mexico think about the Donald?

Click Mates

For some cyber sex workers, the industry delivers both empowerment and the promise of wealth.
For five years, Joslyn Stevens worked in the prosperous shadows of Salt Lake City's sex industry, selling companionship to lonely hearts as an escort and a sugar baby. Offering a paid-girlfriend experience for older men, she had quietly navigated the nuanced legal waters of higher-end sex work in Utah.

Uneasy Riders

Revelrous Mad Max-esque gathering aims to put Utah motorcycle culture on the map.
Dubbed as “the worst moto campout ever!” Motos in Moab provided cold beer, warm rain and hot fire.

Holy Spirits

City Weekly's first Cocktail Guide from A-Z
var __adobewebfontsappname__="dreamweaver" From traditional absinthe service (without the legendary sidecar of cuckoo) to that tiki torchlight classic the zombie, Beehive State imbibers have a bounty of bevvies at their boozy fingertips. We've curated an arsenal of aperitifs, local ingredients and top-notch purveyors all available in our salty city and beyond.

I Will Be Mrs. Utah 2016

8 women compete in a showcase of brains, beauty and world peace.
According to an online quiz that I took a while back, I am indeed a feminist. I think that women have been fighting the good fight ever since they found out what a crappy hand they've been dealt in a country that has been bought and paid for by rich white dudes.

Money To Burn

Unified Fire Authority chief feels heat from escalating bonuses.
They began as a trickle, $1,000 here and $1,000 there, for extra work that the bosses insisted they deserved extra pay for. But with each passing year, the numbers grew from a few thousand bucks in 2011 to more than $30,000 in 2015.

Mining Memories

The dwindling few who recall living in Bingham Canyon fight to keep alive memories of a community that was stolen from them.
In the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley, the New Bingham Highway climbs into the mountains. It runs past the offices of Rio Tinto Kennecott, then through the leafy, quiet rural idyll of Copperton, past barren, overgrown land on the right, before cresting a hill—only to be closed off by several 2-foot-high concrete blocks.

The Utah Arts Fest turns 40 Years Young

The past, present and future of the ever-morphing arts fest.
var __adobewebfontsappname__="dreamweaver" Every summer, thousands of Utah residents pack the downtown area for the Utah Arts Festival. They stroll through artist booths, listen to live music, explore hands-on art areas, watch short films—in short, get a sampler platter of the astonishing wealth of artistic talent this state has to offer.

State of Brony

A Booming Fringe Community of Utah Youth Finds acceptance through My Little Pony
Life on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border was boredom or terror, with not too much in between. For combat engineer Kyler Black, serving at the remote Army outpost known as Firebase Asadabad also offered not only endless hours of Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox while off-duty, but also the thing he'd been longing for since he'd graduated from high school in a small town outside Richfield, Utah.

The State Street Issue 2016

City Weekly's dedication to Utah's most famous street.


The Pride issue 2016
As a member of the LGBTQ community, it's been a long road to the current days of #slay and YASSS GAGA. Like many of my cohorts in the Beehive State, being proud of being different wasn't intrinsically in the cards for me. In fact, I remember my nighttime routine growing up involved getting down on my knees and praying to God to make me normal.

Make It Pop!

Summer Movie Preview
A critic's take on flicks you'll remember and some you just won't wait to forget.

The Smart Files

After 14 Years, the Elizabeth Smart police report sees the light of day.
When they came for him, Richard Ricci was enjoying a plate of spaghetti and a beer.

Women of Their Word

Two counter-culture mavens of Salt Lake City's alternative magazine market reinvent themselves for the digital age.
One afternoon in spring 2015, Angela H. Brown stood up in the Miller Business Resource Center in Sandy to give a commencement speech to 80 fellow students.

Resistance is Futile

How Utah ended up with a Borg Cube for a Federal Courthouse.
Architecture normally receives very little public notice in Salt Lake City. Whatever else one may say about it, however, the new federal courthouse got the public's attention.

Billionaire Saves Paper

What new ownership means for the embattled daily.
If a bid by Utah's most prominent family to purchase The Salt Lake Tribune is officially consecrated on May 1, it will register as a meaningful cosmic slap up the side of the head for any Tribune reporter or editor who had a hand in writing the book, Mormon Rivals: The Romneys, the Huntsmans and the Pursuit of Power.


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