City Guide 2015

City Guide 2015

The source for life in Salt Lake City
Thank you for picking up our 2015 City Guide. We published our first City Guide to coincide with the 2002 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Salt Lake City. My, oh my, how things have changed.

City Guide 2015: The Neighborhood Watch

Getting around Salt Lake City
LDS patriarch Brigham Young may have been one of the first trailblazers to crest the Salt Lake Valley and say, "Let's stop here—this is the place." But he wasn't the only one.

City Guide 2015: Out & About

The people to know and the places to be
If Utah's Mormon pioneers hadn't pushed their handcarts and farm wagons across the country in 1847 against all odds, the bustling metropolis in which we find ourselves today might be simply a wide spot in the road.

City Guide 2015: Nightlife & Eats

Salt Lake City's tastiest cocktails, friendliest bars and coolest clubs
We can finally say it—and mean it. When it comes to exceptional venues for live music and swanky joints for booty-shaking, Salt Lake City's got game.

Think Outside the Veggie Burger

It's easy to go meatless in SLC
If you’re stuck in the ’90s, thinking that vegetarian food is nothing more than tofu and salads, you are so wrong—especially in Salt Lake City.

Nosh Around the Clock

Where to find the best food from dawn till dusk
There are folks who love breakfast more than any meal, and some who skip it altogether. Some people use the power lunch to seal business deals, while others consider brunch the best meal of the entire

Ear Openers

Where To Mosh-Or Gently Nod Your Head-To Local Music And Touring Acts
It’s not a rare thing for me to attend a concert and hear the band say something like, “We love playing in Salt Lake City; this place is awesome.” And with our vibrant music scene, f

Resort Report

Utah's hills are alive with new deals, lifts and more
Fourteen ski hills (11 within an hour of Salt Lake City) sprawl across Utah’s topographical wonderland—and each and every one wants you. This year’s prices, pass benefits and on-moun

No Ski Zone

Enjoy the greatest snow on earth without strapping on a pair of sticks
While the slopes surrounding Salt Lake City provide world-class skiing and snowboarding, whisking down the mountain is just the beginning of the fun you can have in the powder or at the resorts during

Get Around

How to get from Point A to Point B in SLC-even if you got an F on your driving test
Utah commuters have a way to get anywhere they want downtown, and many places beyond, without having to rely on too much driving or even walking. The main source of public transportation is the

Choose Your Own Shopping Adventure

Anything you want, we got it
Dedicated shoppers know there’s more to shopping than just, well, shopping. An afternoon of browsing designed to help you forget your troubles isn’t the same as quickly grabbing a gift for

Exploration of the Arts

SLC's visual and performing arts can take you out of your comfort zone-or allow you to revel in it
Sometimes you want to dip your toes into an area’s arts scene—and sometimes you’re ready to take a cannonball leap. Utah’s scene presents a wide range of options for arts exper

SLC Emissaries

Meet the movers & shakers who Will help you find your place in the city
It’s tough to get to know a city without a guide—not a tour director, but someone who knows the cool spots and will introduce you to people who’ll make you feel at home.

Tour of the Town

Each SLC neighborhood has its own tale to tell
Salt Lake City isn’t the biggest metropolis in the country, but that just makes it easier to get around, explore and become involved in its many diverse neighborhoods.

Bar Exam

Looking for cocktails, a dance floor or a quiet corner? these spots will pass the test
There’s no better way to take the temperature of a city than to look at its bar scene. And Salt Lake City’s continues to grow: More bars open every year, next to old stalwarts that’ve been pouring the strong stuff since

Why I Create in Utah

Utah's "big bang" of artistic inspiration
It’s been said that creativity, at its essence, is subversive—an attempt to overthrow or uproot structures of authority, including the state. In a “red” state such as Utah—one that celebrates the conservatism

A Day at the Museum

A kid, a teen and a dad walk into a Utah museum
Locals and visitors can really discover Salt Lake City—and the world—by seeing it through its art and artifacts, and the wide-eyed, sharp-tongued critiques of children.

Mall Hop

Seven Stops Round Out A Banner day of Salt Lake City shopping
If you ever have a full day to yourself with some extra cash tucked away in your wallet, a day visiting Salt Lake City’s shopping districts is a day well spent. A true shopping experience isn’t simply trying on clothes,

Speakin' Yer Mormon

How ta make some sense a the Utah parlance
Welcome. So ya just moved ta Zion, not ta worry and such as that. This place is geographically beautiful and divershul, even though people-wise and monticulturally, we are somewhat caddywampus!

Gay Ol' Utah

Being LGBT in a red state Doesn't Have to Give you the Blues
If you are an LGBT person moving to Utah or have just arrived, do not panic. Breathe—deeper. Sit down, have a latte and read.

Go the Distance

Do your part to kick political 'meh' to the curb
We live in an exciting metropolitan area—home to professional sports teams, premier symphony, opera and ballet offerings, world-class ski resorts, fantastic restaurants and nightlife and a major international airport.

Sports Night

Root for the home team with pre- and post-game eats & drinks
Salt Lake City is becoming increasingly urbane in many aspects, and local sports fans are enjoying the benefits as much as foodies or fashionistas. From major-league sports to top-tier college athletics to minor-league

Get Out

Run to a scenic race that'll cure your city-bound blues
Nothing beats life in the city, but even the most devout city lovers get sick of Salt Lake City’s slushy sidewalks and grimy gutters after a few months of winter—especially if they’re runners.

I'm With The Band

Utah bands come in all shapes & sizes
A decent number of Utah bands have been known to make waves on the national stage. In the past three decades alone, Utah gave birth to rampant punk groups (watch SLC Punk), the ’90s Utah County scene—which served as a ska mecca

Pop-Up Neighborhoods

Hitting the high notes of what to see and do-and how to get around-in Salt Lake City
Whether you’re new to town or have been a Salt Laker for years, there are areas of the city you probably haven’t yet explored. Use this guide to investigate a new ’hood and discover options for living, recreating

Mural, Mural

Street artists and local businesses help make SLC a city of color
Newcomers and even Salt Lake City locals might be surprised to discover there’s a lot more color—literal and figurative—here than they’d previously heard. We’re beginning

What's Your Dilemma?

Local answers to life's little emergencies
Whether you’re new in town or just new to adulthood (no matter your age), we all need useful tips and referrals. And what to do if you don’t have that perfect best friend who has the answers to such crucial questions as,

Feed Your Hunger

Where to shop and eat to satisfy a growling stomach
Of course, we all know about terrific markets and groceries large and small, like Caputo’s, Liberty Heights Fresh, Mediterranean Market & Deli and Utah’s own Harmons.

9 Late-Night Eats

A guide to nocturnal noshing in SLC
When most of Salt Lake City is eating or relaxing after a long day at the office, Steve Williams is serving up jazz music on KUER 90.1 from 8 p.m. to midnight every weeknight.

A Music Oasis

Where to see the nation's top acts, or the next big thing to come out of Utah
Given Salt Lake City’s pivotal location in the Intermountain West, it makes logistical sense for touring bands to stop here. But they stop here for more than gas money, because bands love this place.

Bar Fest

Find your new favorite SLC hangout
Whether you’re in the mood for straight-up drinks, dancing or something new and daring, a Salt Lake City bar has a seat waiting for you. We’ve compiled a list of Salt Lake City’s nightlife spots

Welcome to Utah

Favorite Utah places, who's who in the arts
What is your Utah “place,” a spot that defines the Salt Lake City or Utah experience for you? What’s your favorite thing to do in the city, or nearby? We asked some of the city’s most interesting people that question, and here’s what they told us.

Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

A guide to the grid
Most folks who live in Salt Lake City proper are privy to a secret, which is: They live in a place that offers the vitality, accommodations and attractions of a big city—without the hassles.

See & Do

It is a universal truth—in Hollywood, at least—that new stuff makes people happier and more attractive. That's why no uplifting movie is complete without a shopping montage in which the m

Fabulous Food

50 terrific Restaurants, plus Locavore Love
For me, eating is not quite the same as dining. There are loads of places to eat, ranging from franchise burger joints to cutting-edge gourmet palaces. When I dine, however, I look for the convergence

Bar Guide

Dives, high-class joints, sports bars and a bar-crawl planner
A "night out" in Salt Lake City doesn't have to involve crazy antics with a carrot-studded green Jell-O salad or playing board games with the family. Some imagine our vibrant nightlife is constrain

Explore & Get Active

Activities in the snow and beyond the borders
Powder Power A guide to Utah's legendary resorts. Without even getting into Utah's claims about "greatest snow on earth," the numbers for Salt Lake City and skiing speak for themselves. Uta

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A Source For Life In Salt Lake City
A Source For Life In Salt Lake City

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