Nosh Around the Clock

Where to find the best food from dawn till dusk
There are folks who love breakfast more than any meal, and some who skip it altogether. Some people use the power lunch to seal business deals, while others consider brunch the best meal of the entire

Resort Report

Utah's hills are alive with new deals, lifts and more
Fourteen ski hills (11 within an hour of Salt Lake City) sprawl across Utah’s topographical wonderland—and each and every one wants you. This year’s prices, pass benefits and on-moun

Tour of the Town

Each SLC neighborhood has its own tale to tell
Salt Lake City isn’t the biggest metropolis in the country, but that just makes it easier to get around, explore and become involved in its many diverse neighborhoods.

Think Outside the Veggie Burger

It's easy to go meatless in SLC
If you’re stuck in the ’90s, thinking that vegetarian food is nothing more than tofu and salads, you are so wrong—especially in Salt Lake City.

Ear Openers

Where To Mosh-Or Gently Nod Your Head-To Local Music And Touring Acts
It’s not a rare thing for me to attend a concert and hear the band say something like, “We love playing in Salt Lake City; this place is awesome.” And with our vibrant music scene, f

No Ski Zone

Enjoy the greatest snow on earth without strapping on a pair of sticks
While the slopes surrounding Salt Lake City provide world-class skiing and snowboarding, whisking down the mountain is just the beginning of the fun you can have in the powder or at the resorts during

Get Around

How to get from Point A to Point B in SLC-even if you got an F on your driving test
Utah commuters have a way to get anywhere they want downtown, and many places beyond, without having to rely on too much driving or even walking. The main source of public transportation is the

Choose Your Own Shopping Adventure

Anything you want, we got it
Dedicated shoppers know there’s more to shopping than just, well, shopping. An afternoon of browsing designed to help you forget your troubles isn’t the same as quickly grabbing a gift for

Exploration of the Arts

SLC's visual and performing arts can take you out of your comfort zone-or allow you to revel in it
Sometimes you want to dip your toes into an area’s arts scene—and sometimes you’re ready to take a cannonball leap. Utah’s scene presents a wide range of options for arts exper

SLC Emissaries

Meet the movers & shakers who Will help you find your place in the city
It’s tough to get to know a city without a guide—not a tour director, but someone who knows the cool spots and will introduce you to people who’ll make you feel at home.

Bar Exam

Looking for cocktails, a dance floor or a quiet corner? these spots will pass the test
There’s no better way to take the temperature of a city than to look at its bar scene. And Salt Lake City’s continues to grow: More bars open every year, next to old stalwarts that’ve been pouring the strong stuff since


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