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Stand against racism, Climate march and No to Trump's agenda

YWCA USA to build community among those who work for racial justice.

March for Science, Women's Campaign Training & LGBTQ Lectures

Get educated, spread awareness and take action.

Trump Taxes March, Citizen Representation Panel & LGBTQ Suicide Prevention

This week's community activist events touch on tax policies and LGBTQ suicide.

Fake News Panel, Climate Action & Founding Fathers Forum

It's time to face the facts.
Get your facts to fight the fake news fervor that's taken over the country. You need that ammo, as a large percentage of Americans hold tight to misguided views fueled by "alternative facts." In a recent survey on news consumption, Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of U.S. adults just want the facts—no interpretation.

Brunch With Orrin Hatch, Fight Rape Culture & More

Tired of the victim-blaming? Want to do something about health care? Read on.
The esteemed senior senator has not yet RSVP'd to this expectant constituent event, but his constituents plan to be there anyway...

Revolt & Defend

Important community events for March 24-April 31: Town Hall, Self-Defense class, Bystander Dilemma discussion
Got health care? Need to breathe? Worried about the water? Care about Big Bird? Want to learn self-defense?

Gender Un-Bending

Gender Discrimination, Bears Ears, Climate Deniers and more
With all the talk about transgender bathrooms and gender discrimination, parents might want to hear from an expert.

Walk in Her Shoes

A global fundraiser for women in poverty, Young Women's Leadership Summit, democracy discussion and more.
How do you make a real difference for women and girls in poverty?

Citizen Revolt: Women's Week, Cannabis Panel and 'A Day Without a Woman' Strike

A celebration, a discussion and a strike.
Not sure that Washington is getting the message? Don't stop now. International Women's Day is an opportunity to make yourself heard ...

Utah Town Hall for All, Diversity Training and more

Despite a Republican letter putting a halt to those "violent" town halls, the Utah Town Hall for All presses on.

Health care dialogue, general strike and more

OK, this is getting serious. Anti-Trump activists are calling for a General Strike. You know the drill—buy nothing, protest everywhere and generally give the president the middle finger.


Thousands of people are living on the streets in Utah, struggling to find work and housing. Many suffer from addiction and mental illness, and criminals often take advantage of their misfortune. Wondering whether Salt Lake City will ever manage the homelessness problem?


The new year has brought a plethora of bold and brazen opinions from the cheap seats. So why not listen to an acclaimed author and social critic talk about life as we know it?


Did you know that 100,000-300,000 children are prostituted in America every year and many more are at risk? And it is happening in your own backyard.

DUGWAY OUTDOOR TESTING, Trump Protest, Clean Air Rally

While it's not exactly the Downwinders issue, outdoor testing surely affects the air you breathe. But let's give it a try. The public has a chance to hear all about the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground plans to conduct outdoor testing of small quantities of pharmaceuticals, "which pose an emerging threat to U.S. citizens and the Armed Forces," the public notice says.

Women’s Campaign Training, MLK Discussions and Local Arts Benefit

Get educated and involved in your community.
Real Women Run offers two sessions, with Celebrating the Political Kaleidoscope specifically aimed at diverse women candidates, where you can learn the numbers, the truths and fallacies, and get a look behind the scenes of a real campaign.

Earth2Trump Roadshow & Legislative Outlook Conference

Power to the people!
WSU's Small Business Development Center is hosting 1 Million Cups, an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present ideas to business leaders and receive feedback.


So there's a good chance you're in need of some relaxation to clear away the negativities and obstacles of the past.


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