Radio Club, Grizzly Spectre, The Peaces

Local CD Reviews: The Gods of Eden, All of Them Witches, Where Spirits Grow

The Salt, the Sea & the Sun God; Andrew Maguire's Art Project; Cub Country

Local CD Reviews: It's All for You, Artsy as Fuk, Repeat Until Death

Sinkane, The Gotobeds

CD Reviews: Mean Love, Poor People Are Revolting
Mean Love, the latest release from Sudan-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ahmed Gallab and his third full-length under the Sinkane name, is a slinky and sleek but earnest exploration of love's many facets, as well as of his own emotional landscape.

Right Star, AudioTreats, James Junius

Local CD Reviews: From Right Star, With Love; Vol. 02; moth, wing, dream,
The new EP from producer Adrian Morales, aka Right Star, might be a cobbled-together collection of unreleased tracks and songs from other projects, but it's still a cohesive release in its own right.

Baby Ghosts, Present as Lord, Pest Rulz

Local CD Reviews: Maybe Ghosts, Famous, Something's Cookin
The second full-length from Baby Ghosts is a hair-raising shock to the senses, the musical equivalent of sticking a fork in an electrical socket and really, really liking it.


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