Crook & the Bluff, 90s Television, Bronco

Local CD Reviews: Down to the Styx, Bad 4 the Tooth, In Lights
With their long-awaited debut album, Down to the Styx, psych-Western duo Crook & the Bluff (Kirk Dath & Tad Wilford) have established their identifying sound ...

The Lower Lights, Gusto, The No-Nation Orchestra

Local CD Reviews: A Hymn Revival: Volume 3, Gusto, Coil EP
Salt Lake City electro-pop/indie-pop duo Gusto (Stephanie Mabey and Taylor Hartley) is fun. Imagine a candy-colored world filled with cats, sugar, lasers and dancing—that level of fun.

Night Wings, Valerie Rose Sterrett, Fossil Arms

Local CD Reviews: Night Wings, Monsteria, Only Ever Have Nightmares When I'm Ill
Despite its brevity, the roughly 15-minute debut solo release from violinist/singer-songwriter Alyssa Pyper, aka Night Wings...

Huldra, South Paw, Wild Apples

Local CD Reviews: Black Tides, Tell Me Which Way to Run, The Wolves Must Run Free
The concept of the fourth album by post-metal band Huldra is seemingly simple: a futile battle between a lone unnamed man and the perilous sea. But listeners will feel like they're right there in the rickety boat with him ...

Selja Sini, Wilson Corrigan, The Cotton Ponies

Local CD Reviews: Back Home, Sophomorism, Fancy as Fuck
While Back Home, the debut EP from indie-folk duo Selja Sini—husband and wife Brett Engar and Selja Sini—does have enough twee lyrics about spring, birds, flowers, etc., ....


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