Crook & the Bluff, 90s Television, Bronco

Local CD Reviews: Down to the Styx, Bad 4 the Tooth, In Lights
With their long-awaited debut album, Down to the Styx, psych-Western duo Crook & the Bluff (Kirk Dath & Tad Wilford) have established their identifying sound ...

The Lower Lights, Gusto, The No-Nation Orchestra

Local CD Reviews: A Hymn Revival: Volume 3, Gusto, Coil EP
Salt Lake City electro-pop/indie-pop duo Gusto (Stephanie Mabey and Taylor Hartley) is fun. Imagine a candy-colored world filled with cats, sugar, lasers and dancing—that level of fun.

Night Wings, Valerie Rose Sterrett, Fossil Arms

Local CD Reviews: Night Wings, Monsteria, Only Ever Have Nightmares When I'm Ill
Despite its brevity, the roughly 15-minute debut solo release from violinist/singer-songwriter Alyssa Pyper, aka Night Wings...

Huldra, South Paw, Wild Apples

Local CD Reviews: Black Tides, Tell Me Which Way to Run, The Wolves Must Run Free
The concept of the fourth album by post-metal band Huldra is seemingly simple: a futile battle between a lone unnamed man and the perilous sea. But listeners will feel like they're right there in the rickety boat with him ...

Selja Sini, Wilson Corrigan, The Cotton Ponies

Local CD Reviews: Back Home, Sophomorism, Fancy as Fuck
While Back Home, the debut EP from indie-folk duo Selja Sini—husband and wife Brett Engar and Selja Sini—does have enough twee lyrics about spring, birds, flowers, etc., ....

Radio Club, Grizzly Spectre, The Peaces

Local CD Reviews: The Gods of Eden, All of Them Witches, Where Spirits Grow
The debut full-length album from Radio Club (the duo of Tia Martinez and Jared Russell), made up of morose '80s-influenced dance beats and synths blanketed with Joy Division-esque gloom, would be a fitting soundtrack to a late night in a seedy, smoky club, or on a couch in a dank basement.

The Salt, the Sea & the Sun God; Andrew Maguire's Art Project; Cub Country

Local CD Reviews: It's All for You, Artsy as Fuk, Repeat Until Death
It doesn't seem possible that It's All for You, the debut album from experimental-rock trio The Salt, the Sea, and the Sun God, was created with earthly instruments like guitar, piano, bass and percussion.

Sinkane, The Gotobeds

CD Reviews: Mean Love, Poor People Are Revolting
Mean Love, the latest release from Sudan-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ahmed Gallab and his third full-length under the Sinkane name, is a slinky and sleek but earnest exploration of love's many facets, as well as of his own emotional landscape.

Right Star, AudioTreats, James Junius

Local CD Reviews: From Right Star, With Love; Vol. 02; moth, wing, dream,
The new EP from producer Adrian Morales, aka Right Star, might be a cobbled-together collection of unreleased tracks and songs from other projects, but it's still a cohesive release in its own right.

Baby Ghosts, Present as Lord, Pest Rulz

Local CD Reviews: Maybe Ghosts, Famous, Something's Cookin
The second full-length from Baby Ghosts is a hair-raising shock to the senses, the musical equivalent of sticking a fork in an electrical socket and really, really liking it.

Color Animal, Tupelo Moan, George Nelson

Local CD Reviews: Bubble Gum, Cocaine & Chicken Grease, Little Engine
Color Animal's second full-length album, Bubble Gum, finds the quartet veering away from the crunchy rock of their debut release, 2013's Vision Lines, and turning the dial up on a smoother, more relaxed style

Koala Temple, The Circulars, Anthony Pena

Local CD Reviews: Blue Milk, Ornamental, Apology
With its warm, hazy atmosphere, the latest full-length album from garage-rock/glo-fi quartet Koala Temple feels like a sweltering, multicolored trip into the desert.


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