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Get Out

Coil of the Wild

Robert Smithson’s re-emerged Spiral Jetty demands a visit.

By Dallas Robbins
POSTED // Apr 1,2009 - Looking to get out, but yearning for something off the beaten track? Taking a road trip to Spiral Jetty at Rozel Point will provide a unique afternoon on the shores of the Great Salt Lake ...


Books | Apostate Secrets: The infamous McLellin papers finally see the light of day

By Dallas Robbins
POSTED // Mar 19,2008 - Before the infamous forger and murderer Mark Hofmann became a household name, he was double-dealing a nonexistent “McLellin collection” to several buyers, claiming it would change Mormon history forever. On Oct. 15, 1985, he was to deliver...


Theater | Action Figures: Utah Opera’s Tosca offers a bold and enduring tale to the man on the street

By Dallas Robbins
POSTED // Jan 16,2008 - "Why should those two guys over there go to the opera?” asks Guido LeBron, pointing through the windows of the Utah Opera rehearsal hall across the street to two workers taking a break outside of the SpringAir Mattress company. Those “two...

Arts & Entertainment

Books | Apostasy Now: Paul Toscano continues to explore faith and uncertainty in The Sacrament of Doubt

By Dallas Robbins
POSTED // Nov 21,2007 - In August of 1993, I stood in a conference room of a local Salt Lake City hotel listening to a passionate and angry speech by a local bankruptcy lawyer and family man—Paul James Toscano—criticizing the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ...