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Food & Drink

Organic Manic

New raw eatery in SLC

By Lexie Levitt
POSTED // Dec 20,2011 - Over the past decade, dining options for nontraditional eaters have grown exponentially in Salt Lake City. Being vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free no longer means missing out ...

Music Articles

MusicGarage's New Space

Multipurpose rehearsal studio for RockGarage

By Lexie Levitt
POSTED // Dec 15,2011 - MusicGarage, a Salt Lake City-based music-performance and education nonprofit, just unveiled a brand-new, multipurpose rehearsal studio and performance space that still has a hip, underground feel becoming of its name.

5 Spot

Rocky: Not a Democrat

Why'd Anderson leave the party?

By Lexie Levitt
POSTED // Sep 26,2011 - Although he became famous for his condemnation of the War on Terror and the Bush administration, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson recently formally left the Democratic Party.