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Lake Street Dive

Brand of soul is ready for the big stage.

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Mar 20,2014 - The four members of Lake Street Dive sit with backs as straight as the spine of a brand-new book of sheet music—it almost seems like a defensive stance, especially when compared to the calm, cool doo-wop swagger

Music Articles

San Fermin

Brooklyn songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone doesn't do "Musical Theater"

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Feb 20,2014 - “I’m very leery of plot as a device in song,” says composer/songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone. “A song that follows a person through a series of events seems very musical theater, and I’m not interested in that.

5 Spot

Paula Colman of SkiMums

Mothers Making Time to Hit The Slopes

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Feb 5,2014 - Every Wednesday, Paula Colman drops off her kids at school and then drives up Little Cottonwood Canyon, where she hits the slopes for a few hours with other outdoorsy mothers. Colman (pictured far right) is part of SkiMums, a free meetup group for intermediate/advanced women skiers.

Other A&E

Mike Birbiglia

Comedian Mike Birbiglia on the craft of storytelling and his return to one-liners

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jan 20,2014 - Just before Mike Birbiglia delivers the climax of a story—generally self-deprecating, awkward and tragic, all at once—the comedian addresses his audience: “Before I get to this next part, remember: You’re on my side.”
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