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Footwork: An Evening of Tap Dance

Click Up Your Heels: SLC Tap’s Deborah Robertson brings a classic dance style out of the shadows.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Mar 3,2010 - It's early evening in the middle of the week in a Salt Lake City nightclub. Like many nightclubs, it's dark and deserted midweek. But once inside the door, you find complete chaos, a clamoring from above that thunders...

Film Reviews

2010 Slamdance Independent Film Festival

No longer just a rebel festival, Slamdance matures in its teen years.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jan 20,2010 - The Slamdance Independent Film Festival is now celebrating its Sweet 16. My, how quickly they grow up ...

Film Festival

Music at Sundance

Audio Visual: Music at Sundance is as independent as the movies.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jan 20,2010 - Music and film have major history together, their relationship preceding the period when “talkies” became all the cinematic rage.

Music Articles

Orion Independent Music Festival

Starry Nights: New music festival hunts for talent.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jan 13,2010 - Park City is widely known for hosting one of the most popular festivals around, so much so that the ski town has become nearly synonymous with independent film ...

Other A&E


A new three-day downtown festival in Salt Lake City seeks to rekindle the Olympic vibe.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Dec 23,2009 - Many who were around for the 2002 Winter Games, have fond memories of downtown Salt Lake City...

Other A&E

Tale Spun

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival marks a 20-year milestone.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Sep 2,2009 - I fondly remember a time as a kid when I sat cross-legged on a creaky cabin floor in Logan Canyon, surrounded by cousins, attentions held rapt...


Samba Fogo

Brazil Nuts:Local performance groups gather disparate elements into Samba Fogo.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jul 15,2009 - Have you ever been wandering around one of the many local street festivals and come across a practical demonstration of something similar to karate but much more acrobatic, perhaps with a touch of dance thrown in for good measure?


Drosselmeyer, Inc.

Nut Cracked: SB Dance again defies categorization with the vaudeville theatricality of Drosselmeyer, Inc.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jun 17,2009 - It probably doesn't hurt that Baryshnikov doesn't have a speaking role; of the five characters that make up Drosselmeyer's cast, he's one of two who doesn't have lines. No, Baryshnikov is simply expected to do what he does...

Get Out

Fringe Benefit

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail marks a natural path for the outdoor enthusiast.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Apr 22,2009 - As do most things concerning the great outdoors, the term urban fringe sounds downright extreme. Without trying to deflate it, it really isn't as exciting as it first sounds...
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