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Food & Drink

Now Is the Thyme

Local beekeeper sells honey from own hives

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // May 22,2012 - Long before urban farming took hold of the hearts of well-intentioned hipsters everywhere, Betty Wullstein was simply tending to her bees ...

Music Articles

Youth Lagoon

On the road with a new album

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Nov 22,2011 - Dreaming of making it big in the music industry, to many, means getting together with friends in a garage to create something new ...

Music Articles

Jeff Hamilton Trio

GAM jazz moves to Capitol Theatre

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Oct 6,2011 - Over that period, Hanks and co-founder Michael MacKay have booked iconic artists Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock and Ahmad Jamal...


Ririe-Woodbury: Momentum

Alumni dance performance returns

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Aug 22,2011 - With the arrival of the arts season each fall comes yet another opportunity to be inspired anew, to reinvigorate that drive ...


Alt Press Fest 2011

Celebrate local fringe arts

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jul 5,2011 - The Salt Lake City Main Library’s zine collection was founded in 1997 principally by one solitary librarian named Julie Bartel.


Utah Opera: Little Women

A 1998 adaptation of the classic American story adds flavor to the sometimes-stodgy opera scene.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Mar 7,2011 - Taking a tradition that is tried and true—read: centuries-old and deep-rooted—and reinvigorating it with a modern air is one way to keep an art form alive and relevant ...

Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival’s Sloan Foundation prize

The Science of Cinema: The Sundance Film Festival’s Sloan Foundation prize captures the link between movies and technology.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Jan 18,2011 - The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation—a nonprofit organization devoted to scientific advancement—has been partnered with the Sundance Institute since 2003.

Music Articles

Frank Vignola

100 Years of Django: Guitarist Frank Vignola pays tribute to a gypsy-jazz legend.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Nov 11,2010 - There are plenty of tales out there about musicians starting young. We all know Mozart was 4 when he began playing the keys.


Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company: Propel

Accidentally on Purpose: Propel disrupts the expected with choreographed improvisation.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Apr 21,2010 - There is an oft-quoted John Lennon lyric from his song “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy),” which was penned as a lullaby for his son Sean ...

Visual Art

Interplay: Event Horizon

Technically Speaking: After 25 years, Another Language is still the innovator of multidisciplinary art.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Mar 24,2010 - Live theater is charged with an inherent energy that is hard to reproduce elsewhere. The defining quality is that everyone participating...
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