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City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Powder Kegs

Catch your fresh turns this winter at any of the Wasatch Front’s 11 ski resorts.

By Joseph Bateman
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - “The greatest snow on Earth” isn’t just a marketing slogan; it’s a reality that locals live. With an annual average snowfall of 500 inches (last season, Alta measured 702 inches), Utah is home to some serious powder. If snow quality doesn’t impress you, than how about accessibility? Most Utah resorts are only an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City International Air...

News & Columns

5 Spot | Cynthia McKinney, 2008 presidential Green Party candidate

By Joseph Bateman
POSTED // Oct 22,2008 - nCynthia McKinney is a former Georgia House of Representatives member. She served six terms as a Democrat, including powerful assignments on the Armed Services and International Relations committees. In 2008, she left the Democratic Party to run for president as the Green Party candidate. nn nYou were originally a Democratic member of the House, but switched party affiliation to the Green Party. W...

News Articles

News | Watt a Concept: Electric car builders are powering up all over Utah.

By Joseph Bateman
POSTED // Oct 1,2008 - In 2006, the electric car was dead, scrapped into a memory. Major automakers focused on producing trucks and sport-utility vehicles. Gas was cheap and miles per gallon were hidden away on sales stickers. Then, this summer, gas prices soared past $4 a...