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Get Out

To Hill and Back

Rad Canyon and its riders sell the thrill of BMX riding.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jun 10,2009 - Every kid with a bike and a sense of adventure eventually tries riding dirt jumps. About 40 years ago, handbuilt dirt hills were ramped up, and BMX was born...

Summer Guide

There's a Place for Us

All these tables offer decent views, plus a few bugs.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jun 3,2009 - You have a little time and the word "picnic" comes to mind. You can do a no-brainer, like grab a sandwich and go to Liberty Park on 500 East between 900 and 1300 South, or maybe even pay the $5 admission and visit Tracy Aviary...

Get Out

Get There by Sk8

Practice that inline skating for exercise and you might be ready to commute.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // May 27,2009 - Inline skates can be your best friend in many ways. Exercise is only one of them. "Skating is just as aerobic as running, but with very little impact, so you get the same advantages as running without stressing your joints ...

Cover Story

Wasted Not

Green Issue: Utahns inch their way toward a greener life.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // May 6,2009 - Garbage day would have seemed like magic to our pioneer ancestors: Drag your overflowing garbage bin a hundred or so feet from the house, and without having to give it another thought ...

News & Columns

The Floating World

The media portrayed the Rainbow Family as wacked-out hippies. But for one writer, you not only had to be there - you had to take part.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jun 11,2007 - The Rainbow Gathering’s traditional cop warning call was telegraphed from camp to camp, person to person. “Six up!” for the six-pointed star used by officers who police the national forests. The call was soon followed by two brown-uniformed...
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