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John Saltas lamented the erosion of privacy, writing that he personally doesn’t mind airport body scanners but that body searches are unconscionable violations of dignity and that the scanners themselves are more about selling machines than safety [see “Airport Fondling,” Private Eye, Nov. 25, City Weekly].

“People ... are willing to give up not only freedom, but dignity, in exchange for a false sense of security,” wrote Hayduke.“There are too many people like that.”

Kay seconded that thought.

“We have bought the fear lingo—hook, line and sinker,” Kay wrote. “We listen (not me) to the likes of Beck and Limbaugh to get our daily dose of fear, forgetting that they are paid entertainers.”

Michael seemed to dismiss the whole debate and criticized the negativity.

“Poor Michael,” wrote LAURA R.“Just wait until you watch your wife or your cute little teenage daughter go through the process of being hand-searched by agents looking for a bomb or a gun. Then tell us how ‘free’ you feel.”

But, hey, count your dwindling freedoms while you have them. It may get worse.

“I have to be thankful some [terrorist] hasn’t stuffed something dangerous where the sun don’t shine,” wrote BlackMamba, “cause TSA would ... go exploring. … We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.”

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