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10/08/06, 00:34, Strong Arm Robbery/Aggravated Assault, 922 E. 2100 South, Smith’s


The 24-year-old female “attempted to take a 30-pack of beer from Smith’s without paying. When Smith’s employees attempted to intercede, she struck the first in the head with her purse hard enough to cause a cut to the brow and a black eye, and the second in the forehead with enough vigor to raise a goose egg. The [suspect] then ran to a car and fled the scene. Witnesses gave chase and called police with descriptions. An officer saw the suspect vehicle and stopped it in the parking lot of the 24-Hour Fitness at 1121 E. Ashton Ave. The two suspects who had been in the car with the [suspect] had fled the scene on foot. Another officer caught the two additional [suspects, male, 21 and 24, respectively] at 1050 E. Sugarmont. … All three were identified by witnesses and victims. All three went to jail.nn

Assume the Position
10/04/06, 19:17, Robbery, 828 S. 900 West


“The victim had gone to the 7-Eleven to use the ATM. The suspects were at the 7-Eleven and watched him use it and then followed him to the Smith’s parking lot. The victim was sitting in his truck when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect pulled a gun out of a leather pouch and demanded his money. The victim complied. The suspect patted the victim down and then left. The suspect is described as male Polynesian adult, 26-28 years, 5’10”-6’, 180 lb., black curly hair (almost like an afro), wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, baggy blue jeans and blue sneakers. The suspect vehicle is a ’90s model Ford short-bed pickup, black, large wheels and Centennial plates, last seen northbound on 900 West.nn

It’s either very smart or very presumptuous of this stickup man to frisk his victim after robbing him. Smart in that there truly is no telling who might be packing heat in these wild and wooly times, but presumptuous if the bad guy was simply making sure his dupe wasn’t holding out. Either way, you have to give it to the thug for paying attention to the finer details of his chosen avocation.


Evil Eye
10/02/06, 22:40, Shots Fired/Traffic Accident, 1300 N. Redwood Rd.


“The victim was driving his brother’s SUV out of the 7-Eleven parking lot when he made eye contact with a Hispanic male suspect standing on the sidewalk. The suspect pulled a pistol and fired several shots at the vehicle. The victim ducked and floored the vehicle to get away and impacted the second vehicle. The victim believed that the noise and breaking glass was due to rounds impacting his vehicle and continued to flee southbound on Redwood. The victim then called the police from the area on 700 North. Due to the fact that the victim was fleeing from the Aggravated Assault, he was not charged for the impact or leaving the scene of the accident.nn

Plumb Tired
10/03/06, 15:58, Industrial Accident, near 2500 E. Elm Ave.


“The victim was working on a plumbing problem at the listed residence. After silence of about 10 minutes, the resident checked on the victim, who was unconscious and no pulse could be found. It was undetermined from the scene as to what the cause of death was.”


Conspicuous Courier
10/04/06, 09:50, Drug Seizure, 1450 S. State


“The officer observed a suspicious vehicle in the area. After observing the vehicle commit several traffic violations, the officer stopped the vehicle. During the impound of the vehicle for improper registration, no insurance and no drivers license, two hidden compartments were found containing narcotics. The driver [26-year-old male] was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.”

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